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History of Pediatrics: Global Pediatrics

This guide is an overview of the Rubenstein Library's collections documenting the rich history of pediatrics.

Searching the catalog

These links are sample searches in the Duke Libraries catalog based on library subject headings related to the history of pediatrics beyond the United States. Put in different country names or regions to focus on different places. To focus on historical sources, you can limit by location to "Rubenstein Library".

Manuscript Collections

Print Material

Ombrédanne provides practical facts in this slim volume presenting “Some Fundamental Truths (or So-Called Ones) in the Surgery of Children”.

Kassowitz was best known for his work on the causes and therapy of rickets.

Filatov was the president of the Moscow Society of Pediatrics, keeping children’s health issues as a key part of the political agenda at the time, as well as contributed to the study of infectious diseases.

Digitized Content

The Deccan and South India.

Two black and white photos, with the first showing a group of children, two of them drinking. The caption is about the free milk program building strong bodies of the children of Kolar. The second image shows a nurse holding a malnourished infant.

  • From the Sidney D. Gamble Photographs Collection, which contains over 5,000 photographs, primarily of China, 1908-1932.

Peking Women's Hospital Children's Ward

A black and white photo of three members of hospital staff around two cribs.