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Shelter: Making Ourselves at Home in a Changing World: Getting Started

Library guide for the Duke University course on Shelter, Spring 2014 (ARTS&SCI 390/ECON 390/PUBPOL 290/ENVIRON 390/CULANTH 290/SOCIOL 390)


Welcome to the Duke University Libraries' research guide for the University course, Shelter: Making Ourselves at Home in a Changing World

This guide offers a selection of resources for the world of shelter studies.  This "Getting Started" page contains resources relevant to events and readings for this course.

Discipline-specific resources can be found via the tabs at the top of the page.

This guide is a work in progress; if you have any comments, suggestions, or requests about resources to add, please contact me!

Additional Readings

In addition to your required readings, these titles by our speakers may be of interest:

The costal skeleton of Shanidar 3 and a reappraisal of Neandertal thoracic morphology
Franciscus, Robert G and Churchill, Steven E. (2002). Journal of human evolution. 42(3), 303-356.

Out of the house of bondage: The transformation of the plantation household
Thavolia Glymph (2008)

The Office of The Scarlet Letter
Richard Brodhead. (1992). Modern Language Quarterly, 53(4), 472-475.

Inequality, family processes, and health in the "new" rural america
Linda Burton, Lichter, D. T., Baker, R. S., & Eason, J. M. (2013). American Behavioral Scientist, 57(8), 1128-1151.

Slum cities [electronic resource]: A shifting world
Films for the Humanities & Sciences; CBC News ; producer, Eric Rankin.

Tiebout sorting and neighborhood stratification
Patrick Bayer, Robert McMillan.  (March 2012).  Journal of Public Economics.

Hard work, hard times: Global volatility and African subjectivities
Edited by Anne-Maria Makhulu, Beth A. Buggenhagen, and Stephen Jackson (2010)

Companion to Urban Design, edited by Tridib Banerjee and Anastasia Loukaitouā€Sideris
Book Review by Anthony M. Sease. (2012). Journal of Regional Science (0022-4146), 52(4), 717-719

The unsettling of America: Culture & agriculture
Wendell Berry (1996)

Two Waldorf-Astorias: Spatial Economies as Totem and Fetish
Annabel Wharton. (2003). The Art Bulletin, 85(3) 523-543.

Perspectives on Water Governance
Erika Weinthal. (2010). Global Environmental Politics,10(3), 144-149.

Ranjana Khanna. (Summer 2006). Texas International Law Journal, 41(3), 471-490.

The mortgage crisis and its impact on communities and affordable housing
Andrew H. Foster. (2008). Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law, 17 (3), 177-.

Design and Routing of Storm Flows in a Watershed without Surface Streams
David Schaad, J. Farley, and C. Haynes. Journal of Hydrology, 375(3-4):334–344, 2009

Why Don't Lenders Renegotiate More Home Mortgages? Redefaults, Self-Cures and Securitization
Manuel Adelino, Kris Gerardi and Paul Willen. Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 60, Issue 7, Pages 835-853 (October 2013)

A Priestly Approach to Environmental Theology: Learning to Receive and Give Again the Gifts of Creation
Norman Wirzba. (2011). Dialog: a Journal of Theology, 50(4), 354-.

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