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Economics: Finding Literature

Key Literature Indexes and Collections

Retrospective/Historical Indexes and Collections

Retrospective, or historical, indexes have ceased publication or index sources from a finite time period in the past.

  • The Economists' Papers Project is housed in the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manscript Library at Duke. It features the manuscript materials (personal papers, unpublished manuscripts, early versions of published works, correspondence, etc.) of prominent economists, as well as organizational archives from the American Economics Association and the History of Political Economy journal.

  • The Making of the Modern World Online database with full-text and full-page-image access to books and serials related to economics in the broadest sense from 1450-1914.  The core of this digitized collection is based on the microfilm set Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature (Microforms N4387), which contains all available books from the Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature at the University of London and the Kress Library of Business and Economics at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. The records for individual titles are searchable in the library catalog (you must check the note fields in the full record for the item number, which is indicated on the boxes of film).

    Item and reel numbers can also be found on the cards that are filed by author in a catalog in the Microforms Department and in a book index, A Consolidated Guide to the Microfilm Collection (Microforms Guides 330 G624), which provides access by year and by broad subject category. The Catalogue of the Goldsmiths' Library (Perkins/Bostock Ref. HB71 .G653 1970) and the Catalogue of the Kress Library (Library Service Center 016.33 H339K) complement the Consolidated Guide.

  • A London Bibliography of the Social Sciences. 1929-1989 (v. 1-47) . Perkins/Bostock Stacks H1 .L663 (Many volumes are in the Library Service Center.)

    The original volumes, 1931-1936, represent the combined subject catalogs of nine London libraries; since 1936, only the subject catalog of the British Library of Political and Economic Science is included.
  • University Research in Business and Economics. 1981-1989.
    AUBER Bibliography. 1977-1980.
    Bibliography of Publications of University Bureaus of Business and Economic Research.  1963-1976.
    Index of Publications of Bureaus of Business and Economic Research.  1950/56-1962 (incomplete holdings).
    Library Service Center  HD70.U6 I534

    Lists publications of academic researchers, by subject, by research institution, and by author.

  • Abstracts of Working Papers in Economics (AWPE). Perkins/Bostock holdings1986-1999
    Library Service Center A164W
    Selectively indexes and abstracts more than 100 series of working papers, such as the series produced by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Listed alphabetically by author with abstracts. Includes indexes for series, keywords, and permuted titles. At one time, AWPE abstracts were included in the EconLit database, but EconLit is now instead includes working paper citations from the RePEc Project: Research Papers in Economics database.

Subjects in the Library Catalog

Look at the subjects assigned to books in the library catalog and follow the links to find other similar books. Or, you can choose to search for words in the "Subject heading" field to look for subjects such as those below. Re-sort by date and use the facets in the left column to narrow down your results list (language, other subjects, etc.). The catalog will also suggest more specific or related subject headings.

Subject Subheadings

The following are a few of the terms you can add to your subject search after the names of states, regions, and main subjects. For instance:  north carolina -- economic conditions

  • econometric models
  • economic aspects
  • economic conditions
  • economic development
  • economic policy
  • statistics

Some subject headings are qualified with the adjective "economic"  For instance:  economic geography