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Asian & Asian-American History at Duke University

Secondary Sources, Research Papers, & More!

  • Chou, Rosalind S., Kristen Lee, and Simon Ho. "The White Habitus and Hegemonic Masculinity at the Elite Southern University: Asian Americans and the Need for Intersectional Analysis." Sociation Today. 10.2 (Fall/Winter 2012). (e-journal available online)
  • Chou, Rosalind S., Kristen Lee, and Simon Ho. Asian Americans on Campus: Racialized Space and White Power. New York : Routledge, 2016.
    • This book (and the article by the same authors above) is a mix between a primary and secondary source: the authors' research is based on interviews with Asian-American students at Duke, and passages from the interviews are included in the book.
  • Patrick, Ben Moore. The Front Line: Materials for a Study of Leadership in College and After. Durham: Duke University, 1942. (digitized copy available online)
    • Written/compiled by a Duke staff member, this study provides important information about Duke student groups through the early 1940s. Refer to The Front Line to find information about early international student groups!