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Asian & Asian-American History at Duke University

Related Websites & Online Resources

  • The CMA's website includes PDF copies of the proceedings of the Unity through Diversity luncheons. These include important student-written statements on the experiences of Duke's Asian/Asian-American student communities. (Copies of a few other luncheon proceedings can be found in the Office of Intercultural Affairs reference collection; see the "Archival Collections" tab.)

Student Groups and Campus Offices

As you search for information, you may run across the names of other student groups and campus offices that worked with them. Here's a quick glossary of the student groups and campus offices you're likely to encounter most often.

Anytime you come across other groups, offices, acronyms, projects, committees, etc. and need quick information about what they are and what they do, search on their name in the Chronicle! Or, if you're looking for a student group that was active before 1942, check The Front Line.

Student Government Organizations:

Campus Offices:

  • Center for Multicultural Affairs: The CMA has changed its name a couple of times in its history. Depending on what time period you're in, you might see it referred to as the Office of Black Affairs (1970s), the Office of Minority Affairs (1980s), or the Office of Intercultural Affairs.
  • Office of Student Activities and Facilities: This office was part of Student Affairs and helped student groups with chartering, receiving and spending their funding, and other organizational matters. It's now known as University Center Activities and Events (UCAE).