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S&P Capital IQ: Troubleshooting

Contains comprehensive fundamental and quantitative company research and analysis, and detailed information on investment banking, private equity, corporations, investment management, professional services, and brokerage.

Who To Contact

If walking through the troubleshooting tips below first doesn't resolve your problem with access or functionality, please email

Don't email Client Support at S&P as they will refer you back to us for initial support.

A support email to us should always include the following.

  • Provide as complete a description of the issue as possible. Sending only "It's not working" and "I can't access..." lack the detail we need to help you.
  • Send a screenshot of your entire browser window that includes the error message and the browser address bar. If you receive any emails related to your issue, please send those.
  • Let us know: 1) where you are (on- or off-campus), 2) what browser you're using, 3) how you're connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or wired)

First Steps

  1. Have you accessed Capital IQ via the library-hosted link?
  2. Are you using a supported browser?
  3. Have you cleared your browser cache and cookies completely, exited and restarted your browser, and re-tried your access?
  4. Have you deactivated any script blocking or ad-blocking browser plugins or white-listed Capital IQ in the settings for those plugins?

Guide Author & Contact

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Carlton Brown
The "Email Me" link and bookmark icon below will reach our entire Research Support Team, not just me!