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S&P Capital IQ: Getting Started

Contains comprehensive fundamental and quantitative company research and analysis, and detailed information on investment banking, private equity, corporations, investment management, professional services, and brokerage.

About this guide

This Guide will: show users how to access Standard & Poor's Capital IQ and Capital IQ Pro databases and describe the content of Capital IQ and of two add-on modules (NetAdvantage and SNL) contained within Capital IQ and Capital IQ Pro.

Who should use Capital IQ?

Capital IQ and Capital IQ Pro are best suited for transactional searches - searches where a user needs 10 years or less of company financials or other quantitative data. Researchers who need to retrieve extensive time-series of company data (greater than 10 years) should consult a librarian for alternative sources since Capital IQ is not designed to deliver data at scale through these web-based applications.

A word about privacy

S&P Capital IQ requires users to register for a personal account using their name and Duke email address. If you have concerns about the privacy of this information, we encourage you to read the linked S&P Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before proceeding.

Supported browsers

S&P Capital IQ and S&P Capital IQ Pro work best with the Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. The list below is based on the experience of library staff users. Your experience may vary.

  • MS Edge / Google Chrome (best) - full content and functionality
  • Firefox (OK) - some "Dashboard" content may not be visible and dynamic content may not fully load.
  • Safari (not tested)

Important Performance Note: The Cap IQ web sites are web "apps" that load much of their content dynamically, so we strongly recommend disabling any script-blocking or ad-blocking plugins in your browser. You may also want to adjust any content blocking functionality within your browser itself to permit all content (including cookies) from the "" and "" domains.

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