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S&P Capital IQ: Capital IQ "Pro"

Contains comprehensive fundamental and quantitative company research and analysis, and detailed information on investment banking, private equity, corporations, investment management, professional services, and brokerage.


Capital IQ Pro is a business and financial data and information portal and web application that delivers content not available in standard Capital IQ.  It features highly dynamic content and near real time data. Capital IQ Pro is analogous to LSEG Workspace or Bloomberg.

Accessing Capital IQ Pro

To access Capital IQ Pro, you must first create a "standard" Capital IQ account. Follow the instructions on the "Register" tab in this guide to create your account. After you've created your standard Capital IQ account, login to Capital IQ Pro via this link.

Configuring your account with specific preferences is necessary in order to easily access all of Duke's subscribed content. To begin, click the user avatar at the top right of the Cap IQ Pro Dashboard or home screen as shown below.

an image showing the user avatar for Cap IQ Pro

Then click "User Profile & Display Information" in the submenu as shown below.

an image showing the user profile submenu

"Academia" and "Generalist" are your Company Type and Profile Specialization respectively.  If those values are not showing here for your account you must set them on the "User Profile & Display Information" page that displays.

Configuring Your Account - Add Your Information

Complete the "User Profile & Display Information" page carefully using the guide below.

User Information section

  1. Email Address, First Name, Last Name cannot be edited as these were created when you registered for Cap IQ.
  2. Company Name, Other are default values and should not be changed.
  3. Department Name, Job Title are optional values. We suggest using values that identify your school, degree, & graduation year. Example: Department Name = Fuqua; Job Title = MBA 2025.
  4. Country/Region, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip are default or pre-filled and should not be changed.
  5. Business Phone is optional.

Profile Information - all values are required.

  1. IMPORTANT! - Company Type should be set to Academic so that you can easily locate our subscribed content in Cap IQ Pro.
  2. Functional Area, Role are required but you may choose an area and role that matches your interests.
  3. IMPORTANT! - Profile Specialization must be set to "Generalist" so that you can see our subscribed content.
  4. Industry Classification, Industry Focus, Geography Focus are required but can be set to your needs or preference.

an image showing the user and profile settings page in cap IQ pro

Customizing and Using Cap IQ Pro

Cap IQ Pro is highly customizable and the best option for learning to get the most out of your access will be to take advantage of the online help and training options within the Help site. To access the help site, take the following steps.

  1. Click the "?" icon at the top right of the screen to open the Help mega-menu.
  2. Select the Platform Tour or the Online Help & Training option.

an image showing the Cap IQ pro help menu

If you encounter an issue with CIQ Pro, please visit the Troubleshooting page first, then email before contacting Cap IQ Support by email. In most cases, our team at Fuqua can resolve common issues. If necessary, we can escalate difficult issues to CIQ Support.

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