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Print Advertisements Collections: Collections List

Print Advertisement Collections in the Hartman Center

Print Materials Collections A-L

Advertising Ephemera Collection, ca. 1860–1999


The Advertising Ephemera Collection is composed of single advertisements, product and trade catalogs, advertising pamphlets, and broadsides. The advertisements are primarily American and from the late 19th and early to mid 20th century. The collection is divided into broad subject categories, based on the primary type of product or service being advertised, which are arranged in alphabetical order.


Bates Worldwide Records, 1934–2003


Includes print proof books and artwork that document advertising campaigns for clients such as Miller Brewing Co., Footlocker, Carter-Wallace (Arrid, Trojan), Burroughs-Wellcome (Zovirax), Hyundai North America, M&M/Mars and Wendy's International. In addition, a collection of proofs and tearsheets from the 1990s comprise entries from various regional and international offices and subsidiaries to a corporation-wide creative competition program.


Brouilliard Communications, Inc. Vertical Files, ca. [1973]–2000


The collection consists primarily of corporate image advertisements clipped from magazines and newspapers, including trade journals and business newspapers. Organized into two series of alphabetical files: by industry and by company name. Major industry categories represented include computers, fashion accessories, liquor, insurance, mutual funds, and telecommunications. Major companies include AT&T, Du Pont, General Electric, IBM, Kodak, RJR Nabisco, and Xerox; most companies represented were clients or prospective clients. Also includes advertising tearsheets, articles, and unpublished reports about major corporations or industries.


D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Archives — Benton & Bowles Print Advertisements, 1929–1989


The Benton & Bowles Advertisements Series contains comprehensive files of print advertising campaigns developed by B&B from 1932–1980. The Series includes primarily proofs, along with some tearsheets, of consumer and trade advertisements, most from U.S. magazines and newspapers. It includes clients such as Best Foods (1930s–1950s), Colgate-Palmolive-Peet (1935–1940), Dana Perfumes (1969–1973), Florida Citrus Commission (1943–1950, 1955–1963), General Foods (1932–1979), IBM (1954–1967), Procter & Gamble (1941–1980), Texaco (1961–1980) and more.


Gary P. and Sandra G. Baden Collection of Print Advertisements, 1840-1986 and undated


Collection spans 1840-1986 and includes magazine and newspaper clippings of advertisements, tear sheets, catalogs, ephemera, memorabilia, and other printed material primarily from the United states, Great Britain, and France. Topics covered include transportation, automobiles, tires, airlines, foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco products (mostly cigarettes), fashion, clothing, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, hotels, household products, corporations, movies, and tourism. Items contain content in English, French, Greek, and Spanish. Companies represented include Ford, Packard, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Coca Cola, TWA, Henri Bendel, Goodyear, and DeBeers. Additional items of note include sheet music from the vaudeville, ragtime, and minstrel era; advertisements and articles from World War I; and depictions of African Americans, Native American, and other ethnicities in advertisements. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.

J. Walter Thompson Company Archives — Competitive Advertisements Collection, 1920s–1997


Consists primarily of clippings obtained from a selection of nationally distributed magazines and newspapers, representing print advertising campaigns of JWT client competitors, although some of JWT's own clients are represented, such as Ford and Kraft. Major product categories include clothing, business services, food and beverages, cosmetics and perfumes, over-the-counter medications, household appliances, automobiles, aircraft and airlines, cruise ships, and hotels and resorts. 

J. Walter Thompson Company Archives — Domestic Advertisements Collection, 1875–2001 and undated


The Domestic Advertisements Collection consists of print advertisements created by U.S. offices of the J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT). The bulk of the collection dates from the 1920s and after, but a few examples are available from as early as 1875. Notable clients include Andrew Jergens (1915–1935), Chesebrough-Ponds (1884–1969,1992–1994), Eastman Kodak (1930s–1990s), Ford (1940s–2000s), Kraft (1930s–1990s), Lever Bros. (1900–1991), Kellogg's (1938–1993), Seven-Up (1942–1978), Warner Lambert (1915–1997), plus many others.

J. Walter Thompson Company Archives — International Advertisements Collection, ca. [1920s]–[2000s] 


The holdings of the International Advertisements Collection are uneven, with most ads dating from the 1980s. There are some advertisements from Cheseborough-Ponds, General Motors, and other clients from the late 1920s and early 1930s in print and on microfilm from offices established during those years in Canada, Europe, Australia, Egypt, and Latin America. There are almost no international advertisements from roughly 1933 to the middle of the 1950s. The United Kingdom, British Commonwealth countries, and Latin America account for most of the advertisements from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s. While the holdings since about 1980 are much larger than earlier holdings, these are by no means complete, and vary substantially from office to office. The collection is arranged geographically by JWT office, thereunder by client (advertiser). See also the J. Walter Thompson Company, Frankfurt Office, Advertisements, ca. 1950–1989

J. Walter Thompson Company Archives. Frankfurt Office. Advertisements, ca. 1950–1989


This collection consists of print advertisements created by the J. Walter Thompson Company Frankfurt, Germany office. Clients represented include BASF, DeBeers, Deutscher Wein, Dunlop, Ford, Kraft, Lever, Maggi, Pan Am, Singer, among others. Paper box list can be found in the reading room. 



Jean Kilbourne Papers, 1918-2014 and undated


Media critic, feminist author and documentary filmmaker based in Massachusetts. Collection spans 1918-2014 and includes: clippings; tear sheets; correspondence; research reports and other printed materials; slides and slide presentation texts; audiovisual materials in multiple formats including 8mm and 16mm films, audio and video cassettes; book drafts and research files used for teaching and production of Kilbourne’s books and films.




Print Materials Collections L-Z

Leonard Sirowitz papers, 1947-2008 and undated


Art Director and advertising executive at Doyle Dane Bernbach and partner in several independent agencies. Includes clippings, proofs of print advertisements, video cassettes of television commercials, photographs and slidIncludes clippings, proofs of print advertisements, video cassettes of television commercials, photographs and slides, writings, texts of speeches; award certificates, ces, writings, texts of speeches; award certificates, correspondence and other printed materials relating to Sirowitz's career at Doyle Dane Bernbach and independent agencies co-founded with Ron Rosenfeld and Marion Harper. Companies represented include Bain de Soleil, Better Vision Institute, Champion International, El Al Airlines, Mobil, Sony, Volkswagen and Yugo. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.

Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company Records, 1908–1980s


Collection consists primarily of advertisements for various Liggett and Myers tobacco products such as Chesterfield, Fatima, and Piedmont cigarettes, ca. 1910-1950s, as well as advertisements for competitors during the 1970s. Also included are scripts for radio and television commercials sponsored by Liggett and Myers during the 1950s.

Lightner Collection of Antique Advertisements, 1871–2009 and undated


Roy Lightner was an advertising and marketing executive, primarily with N.W. Ayer & Son agency, from which he retired in 1980, and with Carden & Cherry Advertising of Nashville, Tenn. The Roy Lightner Collection of Antique Advertisements spans the years 1871-2009 and includes primarily print advertisements clipped from U.S. magazines. Also present are proofs of print advertisements and 16mm reels of television commercials, much of which was produced by the N.W. Ayer & Son agency during Lightner's career there. Advertisements predominantly focus on automobiles, railroads, insurance companies and manufacturers of brand name consumer goods. Over 300 companies are represented in the collection, including AT&T, Buick, Cadillac, Campbell's, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, Dodge, Du Pont, Kodak, Ford, General Electric, General Mills, General Motors, Lincoln-Mercury, Metropolitan Life, Oldsmobile, Packard, Plymouth, Pontiac, RCA, and Studebaker.


Paula Green papers, 1940-2013 and undated


Collection includes correspondence, photographs, slides, audiovisual materials in multiple formats (VHS and Umatic videocassettes; audio cassettes; phono records; optical discs, audio and video tape reels, 16mm film), market research reports and financial reports, print advertisements, storyboards, musical scores, cookbooks and other printed materials. Companies represented in the collection include American Cancer Society, Burlington Industries, CBS radio, Chemstrand, Doyle Dane Bernbach, General Foods, Goya Foods, Hathaway shirts, Heinz, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, Green Dolmatch, L.C. Gumbinner, New York Times, Paula Green Advertising, Quaker Oats, Seventeen Magazine, Sterling National Bank, Subaru, and the U.S. Public Health Service. Materials cover commercial products and advocacy campaigns for breast cancer awareness and prevention, tobacco use and anti-smoking programs. Most materials are in English; however some items exist in French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.


Popsicle Advertising Campaign Collection, 1951-1958


Large and small format printed poster advertisements of Popsicle Brand's line of frozen dessert products between 1951 - 1958. The posters depict promotional tie-ins; gift incentives for saving product wrappers; contests; and efforts to target children as consumers. Also includes memoranda sent to Popsicle salesmen.


T. Burns Collection of Racial Stereotypes, 1880s-1983


T. Burns was an African American collector who began acquiring this material in the late 1980s. Collection includes advertisements, games, sheet music, serial illustrations, and other caricatures of African Americans predominately dating from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s. A significant portion of the illustrations were excerpted from news or literature magazines such as Harper's Weekly, Frank Leslie's Popular Magazine, and Puck magazine. The collection also includes advertisements from companies, including Aunt Jemima and Cream of Wheat, which appeared in women's magazines such as Modern Priscilla and Needlecraft. Many items depict African Americans in rural or Southern settings. Of note in the collection are a set of shackles, which have no known provenance or date, but which appear to have been intended for slaves (or could be a reproduction from a later time period). 

Warwick Baker & O'Neill Records,1931–2001 (bulk 1985–2000)


Contains new business documents and pitches (esp. 1990s–2001); case studies and qualitative research; account planning; employee office files; memoranda and correspondence; audio-visual materials; storyboards for radio and television commercials; print ads for a range of clients; and public relations materials documenting primarily the work of Warwick Baker Fiore and Warwick Baker O'Neill. The largest campaign represented is "Crafted With Pride in the USA." Other products and clients include Driver's Mart, WestPoint Pepperell, Benjamin Moore Paint, US Tobacco (Skoal and Copenhagen brands), Panasonic, Fruit of the Loom, Bausch & Lomb, Bacardi, Heineken, Amstel Light, and Van Munching.

Wayne P. Ellis Collection of Kodakiana, 1888–1989 and undated


The Wayne P. Ellis Collection of Kodakiana spans the dates 1888 to 1989, and was created by Mr. Ellis over a period of nearly four decades. Whereas many photographic collectors concentrate on cameras and photographs, Ellis emphasized advertising and marketing material. As a consequence, the collection is especially rich in print advertisements for Eastman Kodak products that were published in general interest periodicals beginning in the late 19th century. More unusual items are the product catalogs, "how-to" manuals for both amateur and professional photographers, serial publications for salesmen and photographers, and a variety of marketing and promotional items. There are several scrapbooks of advertising materials with considerable marginalia. The collection also includes training manuals and other publications for Kodak employees. In addition, many items in the collection deal with various aspects of the corporate history of Eastman Kodak from its earliest years up to the mid-20th century.

Wells Rich Greene Archives, 1966–1997


This maverick advertising agency known for its ground-breaking and progressive ad campaigns closed its doors in 1998. The Print Advertisements Collection includes clients such as American Motors (1969–1972), Max Factor (1978–1985), Miles Laboratories (1971–1982), Pan Am (1982–1988), and Philip Morris (1972–1990). A box list for the Wells Rich Greene print advertisements can be found in the reading room collection guide drawer.

William H. Helfand Collection of Advertising Postcards, 1978–2000


William H. Hefland was a collector and scholar of medical and pharmaceutical advertising, and advertising Go Cards. This collection contains primarily advertising postcards (500 items, 1999–2000), mainly for clothing, entertainment, and alcoholic beverages, but also promoting AIDS awareness, AIDS drugs, and safe sex. The collection includes 5 handmade AIDS awareness cards from Burkina Faso; advertising cards for phone sex lines, 1978–1992; and 5 papers by Helfand on medical and pharmaceutical advertising. A copy of M. Rickard's Encylopedia of Ephemera was removed from the collection and cataloged separately.