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PUBPOL 704: MIDP Master's Projects: IGOs & NGOs

International Development seminar; Profs. Fernholz, Lethem, and Mirovitskaya

How to Use this Guide

This guide suggests resources--reference books, library databases, search engines and web links--to use for researching your Master's Projects. Use this table of contents or click on each tab to see each page.

How to identify organizations

Non-governmental Organizations research guide
Both a research guide and a searchable database of NGO web sites; search by keyword or limit by subject or region. Focusing on development, women's rights, environmentally sustainable development, and human rights.
Encyclopedia of Associations via the Gale Directory Library database
Contains 154,000 detailed listings for organizations all over the world, on international, national (US), and regional/state/local (US) levels.
Yearbook of International Organizations
From the Union of International of International Associations.
Includes extensive bibliography and indexing of NGO and IGO publications of all kinds.
See more sources from my International & Transnational Relations guide, especially:
Development Gateway
International nonprofit organization using information technology to enable change in developing nations. Tracks aid flows and projects. See especially their AidData and Country Gateways.

Prof. Mirovitskaya's links

Use this document to find links to NGOs, IGOs, other policy sites, US and European government policy sites.

Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)

International Governmental Organizations
Perkins Library's documents collection, links, and research guides
Selected databases and links:
Access UN        United Nations logo
Index to United Nations Documents and Publications, 1951 - present.
Identify UN documents on your topic. If they are not full-text, take the citation to the Public Documents department to locate the documents in microfiche or in the print Official Records.
Europa  European Union logo
European Union's portal includes publications, a guide to its institutions, and documents on all aspects of law: the Official Journal, treaties, case law, preparatory documents, and Parliamentary questions.
European Treaty Series and European Court of Human Rights
From the Council of Europe.
IMF e-Library
Includes International Financial, Government Finance, and Direction of Trade Statistics.
OECD iLibrary
Database with full text OECD publications and statistics
World Bank resources
World Bank Data Catalog
Global Financial Development
World Bank eLibrary
World Development Indicators
World Bank e-Atlas of Global Development
More sources from my International & Transnational Relations guide, on State Actors and Non-State Actors

Links to good free info online

WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs
Extensive compilation of links organized by media sources, organizations, regions and countries, and topics; includes International Development