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MIDP Master's Projects: News Sources

International Development seminar; Profs. Fernholz, Lethem, and Mirovitskaya

How to Use this Guide

This guide suggests resources--reference books, library databases, search engines and web links--to use for researching your Master's Projects. Use this table of contents or click on each tab to see each page.

News Sources

Use the library's subscriptions to hundreds of news sources through our databases and e-journals. This is especially helpful when:

  • you need previous articles that are no longer available for free from the web site
  • you want to search across multiple sources at once--e.g. The New York Times and The Washington Post are included with other major US papers in LexisNexis Academic
  • you want to search across a longer time period than is available on the free web


  • Go to Online Journal Titles and type the name of the newspaper; or
  • Search one of the Newspaper Databases: Browse Databases by Subject: Reference/Newspapers/world area
  • Many include other news sources like wire services, BBC, etc. as well as international sources translated into English

News & Analysis

Recommended News & Analysis Databases

LexisNexis Academic



World News Connection

Search the library's Online Journal Titles for these sources:

Los Angeles Times

Moscow Times

Wall Street Journal

The Economist