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PUBPOL 704: MIDP Master's Projects: Think Tanks

International Development seminar; Profs. Fernholz, Lethem, and Mirovitskaya

How to Use this Guide

This guide suggests resources--reference books, library databases, search engines and web links--to use for researching your Master's Projects. Use this table of contents or click on each tab to see each page.

Search Think Tanks & Research Institutes

Think Tank Search
From Harvard's Kennedy School of Government library; custom Google search + list of hundreds of US and international think tanks

Think tanks are defined by the above as institutions affiliated with universities, governments, advocacy groups, foundations, non-governmental organizations, and businesses that generate public policy research, analysis, and activity. 

Tips: Search these selected think tanks by keywords to find research and analysis.
If one seems most relevant to your topic, go to the home page and mine the site for publications, issues, research, and links to other organizations.

Political orientation of think tanks, per (2009)

Global Go To Think Tank Index (U Pennsylvania)

American Policy Directory (U Oregon)

Think Tank List (

Identifying Think Tanks

A think tank is a research institution, usually separate from a university, that conducts applied, policy-relevant research and analysis; and is involved in public affairs as well.

Here are some think tanks and research institutes to start with:

Professor Jentleson's Link Library

CIAO--see the lists under Working Papers and Policy Briefs