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South Asia: Raj: Colonial Indian History

Raj: Colonial Indian History

East India Company
Facsimiles of full-text primary sources from the India Office Records, British Library.
1600 -- 1947
India, Raj & Empire  
Facsimiles of full-text documents.
1615 -- 1947
Empire Online
Facsimiles of full-text documents.
15th -- 20th centuries
Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan  
Full-text documents 1947 -- 80
South Asia Open Archives (SAOA)
"With an initial emphasis on colonial-era materials from South Asia, a carefully curated collection of resources will fill gaps in available online collections."
Imperial gazetteer of India
Imperial gazetteer of India, Atlas.
1909 edition
Imperial gazetteer of India, Atlas.
1931 edition
British Parliamentary Papers Relating to India, 1662-1947 A List and Index of Parliamentary Papers Relating to India, 1908-1947
Medical History of British India
Full-text documents
19th - 20th centuries
Selections from the Records of the Government of India, 1849-1937
Bibliography of British and Irish History
(Formerly, Royal Historical Society Bibliography)
Resources for the study of South Asia, past and presens
British Library
India Office Records and Private Papers
British Library  
Dutch Studies on South Asia, Tibet and classical Southeast Asia  Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History  1947 Partition Archive
"[R]ecords life stories shaped by Partition"
British online archives
Papers of 4th Earl of Minto; Colonel Clive, Brigadier-General Carnac; Meerut Conspiracy Trial; Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

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