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Share Your Student Organization Records with Duke University Archives

Donating Physical Materials

Handwritten notes and correspondence, meeting agenda and minutes, flyers and posters, scrapbooks and photos, t-shirts and more: all of these records of your group’s activities can be donated!

The Process:

  1. First, fill out this quick form to let us know more about you, your organization, and your materials.
  2. If needed, pick up archival boxes from us. Please email us to schedule a pick-up time—we need to make sure we have enough boxes available for you!
  3. Pack your physical materials and, if possible, make a contents list for each box, including the titles of folders or items, Here’s a template you can use! Share these lists with us or send them to us via email. If you are unable to organize the materials before transfer, reach out to us and we can provide guidance to determine what to donate, how to pre-sort the materials, and how to physically transfer them. We're here to help!
  4. Label each box with a sheet of paper giving your organization name, the date, and the name and email address of a contact person.
  5. Schedule a time to drop off your materials with University Archives staff.