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Franklin Research Center - Teaching with Primary Sources

This guide contains modules for remote learning with primary sources held in the Rubenstein Library with collections from the John Hope Franklin Research Center

Learning Objectives

Goals for this exercise:

  • Analyze primary sources that reflect the intersection of the institution of slavery in America in relation to Haiti, the first independent nation in the Western Hemisphere governed by people of African descent
  • Interpret how slavery played a key role in the perception of people of African descent
  • Contrast the meaning of freedom in the United States and Haiti through archival materials  

Language Literacies:

Some documents are written in French with accompanying English translation

Key Historical Dates:

  • 1776 - American Revolution Begins
  • 1781 - American Revolution Ends
  • 1789 - American Constitution Ratified
  • 1794 - Haitian Revolution Begins
  • 1804 - Haitian Revolution Ends; Slavery Abolished in Haiti
  • 1807 - England abolishes the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in its colonies in the western world
  • 1808 - The United States abolishes the Trans-Atlantic slave trade
  • 1850 - Fugitive Slave Bill passes in the United States
  • 1865 - Slavery Abolished in the United States

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