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Zines at the Sallie Bingham Center

Why Are Zines A Great Teaching Tool?

Many instructors find that zines are a great way for students of many backgrounds to access their teaching material. Some instructors may use historic or modern zines as primary sources or assign zine making or both. Here some articles from teachers who have had a positive time instructing with zines.

Lonsdale, Chelsea (2015) "Engaging the "Othered": Using Zines to Support Student Identities," Language Arts Journal of Michigan: Vol. 30: Iss. 2, Article 4

Coman, Dorrie, "Identity & learning: a zine project" (2009). Capstone Projects and Theses. Paper 321.


Zines For Kids

Our resident zine librarian Kelly Wooten has complied/created a number of mini zines for instructional purposes. You may find them here. 

There are other great resources for compiling lesson plans with zines. They include:

Zine Making 101- Scholastic

Lesley University Library-Zine Collections-Teaching with Zines

Barnard College-About Zines-Teaching with Zines

Zine Libraries-Intro to Zines

"Teaching with Zines" zine at Zine Libraries

See also this search for "teaching with zines" results at the Duke Libraries.


How To Request A Class Visit

Instructors at Duke may request class visits to engage with our zine collections.  We also may be able to accommodate K-12 classes in consultation with staff.  Please see the links below for details. 

Instruction at the Rubenstein Library for Duke Classes

K-12 Instruction at the Rubenstein Library