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Zines at the Sallie Bingham Center

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Bitch MagazineBitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture

Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture Records, 1996-2008
Issues of Bitch magazine (Duke University Library Catalog)
Electronic resource (Duke University access through GenderWatch database)

Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, a magazine, was founded in 1996 by Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler. The records consist primarily of production records for magazine issues, including drafts and edited copy for articles, page layouts and color proofs, as well as editorial correspondence, research files, promotional and subscription material, and other related items. 

Bust Magazine


Bust (Magazine: New York, N.Y.) Records, 1993-2000 (bulk 1995-1999).
Issues of Bust magazine (Duke University Library Catalog)

Debbie Stoller and Marcelle Karp began producing BUST, a third-wave feminist women’s magazine, in New York, N.Y., in 1993 as a photocopied zine. This collection documents the behind-the-scenes work required to put together BUST. The records include a complete run of the magazine, layouts and copy-editing material, biographies of contributors, article submissions, correspondence, and other materials. An early issue of Bust may also be found in the Sarah Dyer zine collection.

Comic Book and Graphic Novel Collection, 1938-2012

The Comic Book and Graphic Novel Collection is an assortment of domestic and international comics and graphic novels acquired by the Rubenstein Library between 1980 and 2017. A large portion of the collection was originally a gift from Alicia Korenman; several other titles were removed from other collections, including the Dorothy Allison Papers and the Sarah Dyer Zine Collection.



Issues of ROCKRGRL magazine
Electronic resource (Duke University access through GenderWatch database)

Carla DeSantis published ROCKRGRL from 1995 to 2005 and delivered the promise of "information and inspiration" with "no beauty tips or guilt trips." With insightful interviews and profiles of successful women musicians, this magazine provided a great resource for fans and for women in the music business who were tired of mainstream media's patronizing tone toward women who rock. The Bingham Center has a complete set of all 57 issues.

Zine Collections

Niku Arbabi Zine collection, 1999-2007 and undated
This collection consists of 30 zines, 1999-2006, many of which are authored by Arbabi, founder of Ms. Films, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and girls through access to media and media-making.

Bill Brown Zine Collection, 1986-2011 and undated, bulk 1990-2005 
Bill Brown is a filmmaker, photographer, and zinester from Lubbock, Texas. His films explore the landscapes of North America, including the United States–Mexico border, North Dakota missile silos, and the Trans-Canada Highway, and have been exhibited at film festivals and museums around the world.

Bingham Center Women's Zine Collection, 1992-2019
Small donations of zines from writers or collectors and purchases from bookstores or book fairs are added to this collection.

Karissa Cove Zine Collection, 2000-2002Crackers and Honey
Collection comprises four issues of Canadian artist Karissa Cove’s self-published zine Crackers and Honey (numbers 3, 4, 6, and 7). Cove’s use of unusual materials makes her zine a hybrid of a zine and an artist’s book. The zines often feature images of items Coves sells in her online shop, including underwear, purses, and clothes. Topics include sewing, cooking, fashion, identity, interpersonal relationships, art production, and popular music.

Lara Cohen Zine Collection, 1992-1996
Lara Langer Cohen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She started collecting zines, including trading zines and corresponding with Sarah Dyer, in the early 1990s, and published the zines "Runt" and "Oh Oh Cheri." The collection consists of approximately 280 zines and several hundred pieces of correspondence addressed to her during the 1990s.

Dwayne Dixon Zine Collection, ca. 1984-ca. 1995
The majority of the zines discuss young men’s search for meaning in their lives, morality, and identity, especially through hardcore and punk music/lifestyle. The zines include interviews with bands, album reviews, and criticism of the status quo. Other groups of zines were produced by children participating in various afterschool and enrichment programs in Durham, NC; by Central American women in Mexico, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador (written in Spanish); and by American young women, who wrote about rape, sexism, and traditional sex roles.

Sarah Dyer Zine Collection, 1974-2000
Sarah Dyer is the creator of Action Girl Comics, an anthology that she started in 1994 to spotlight the work of women who  were publishing comics of their own. Prior to starting Action Girl Comics, Dyer was the publisher of Action Girl News, which reviewed women’s and girls’ zines. This collection consists of zines and comics submitted to Dyer for review, all self-published by women and girls and most produced in the United States.

Lisa Garmon Papers, 1980-2007
Lisa Garmon, longtime resident of Chapel Hill, NC, was a multi-issue activist, organizing for women's rights, LGBT/queer rights, Latin American rights, and a defender of the environment. Collection contains personal/professional correspondence, subject files, and audiocassette and videocassette tapes of Lisa Garmon, writings and other materials related to the publication of the feminist zine HA!, and a zine collection.

Libby Gilbert Zine Collection, 1986-1995
Zine collector and publisher. Gilbert's zines include The Ten Condiments (1988-1989) and Ancient Grandma Secrets (1990-1997). Collection includes Gilbert's zines, acquired through trade, purchase, or self-publishing. Most zines focus on music or culture.

Arielle Greenberg Zine Collection, 1993-1998
Arielle Greenberg is a poet, editor, and assistant professor in the English department at Columbia College, Chicago, Ill.. Collection comprises correspondence, zines (including original copies of "William Wants a Doll"), zine catalogs, and ephemera. 

Ayun Halliday Papers, 1990-2015
Ayun Halliday is an American writer and actress. Her works center primarily on the areas of motherhood, travel, and women's social issues.

Rachel Hoff zines, 1990-1996
Rachel Hoff is an American author and librarian. Her papers contain the original copies of her zine Intelligence Lull that she wrote when she was 15 years old; as well as writings, drawings and correspondence related to this publication.

Incarceration Zine Collection, 1995-2007
This collection consists of zines produced by the South Chicago ABC Zine Distro publishing group, led by Anthony Rayson. Zines include republished pieces of famous inmates, including poetry and writings by Weather Underground member David Gilbert and political prisoners Mumia Abu-Jamal and Harold H. Thompson.  Domestic issues covered include race in the prison system, the resurgence of the Black Panther Party, revolutionary organizing in prison, Native American rights, and growth of the prison-industrial system.

Inside-Outside Alliance records, 2012-2017 and undated
Collection includes zines, newsletters, flyers, and a petition which document Inside-Outside Alliance's activism concerning the Durham County Jail and policing in Durham, North Carolina. This collection also documents the stories of Durham County Jail detainees and community members.

Internationalist Books and Community Center Records, 1960-2011
The Internationalist Books and Community Center Records include materials documenting the organization and operation of the organization, particularly through its Board of Directors; lists of members and volunteers who staffed or supported the bookstore; advertisements and flyers, often handmade, created by store staff for events, sales, and other activities; Internationalist newsletters and drafts; zines and other printed materials collected and distributed by the bookstore; clippings and media coverage about Bob Sheldon and the organization; and other miscellaneous materials.

It's Raining Men: Sex and Identity in African-American Culture Student Zines, 2002
Collection (02-138) documents a course taught Spring 2002 by David Woodard, a graduate student in the English department. Includes sixteen zines produced by undergraduate students as a final project for the course. Subjects include sexuality in general, and homosexuality in particular; racism; body image; feminism, especially "diva" culture; the search for identity; and health, especially eating disorders.

Lisa Jaronski zine collection, 1992-2005
A collection of about 470 zines, mostly of the personal nature, mostly written by women, acquired during the period of the late 1990s to early 2000s.

Ladyfest Midwest Collection, 2001
Collection includes materials distributed by vendors at the event, 17-19 August 2001, including workshop programs, flyers, brochures, postcards, and several zines. Four Radical Cheerleaders posters are cataloged separately.

Sarah Maitland Zine Collection, 1997-2009
Virginia-based writer Sarah Maitland began producing zines around 2001 and ran a zine distro for about three years. She was a founder of the Richmond Zine Fest which started in 2007.

Amy Mariaskin Zine Collection, 1995-2005
Amy Mariaskin began collecting and trading zines with other women as a member of the Pittsburgh, Pa, Riot Grrrl Chapter from 1995-2002. She authored the zine "Southern Fried Darling" from 1995-2002, and "Vortext," about meteorology and weather. 150 items. 

Edwin and Terry Murray Fanzine Collection, 1952-2003
Edwin L. and Terry A. Murray, brothers residing in Durham, N.C., have been collectors of comic books and other pulp culture for forty years. The Murray Fanzine Collection contains approximately 1150 comic book, science fiction and fantasy fanzines, collected by Edwin and Terry Murray, representing fandom in these genres from the early 1950s to 2003, as well as advertisements for fandom gatherings and conventions.

Rock Against Sexism Records, ca. 1981-1994
Rock Against Sexism was formed in Boston, Mass., in the early 1980s as an activist group involved with the local music and arts scene. Rock Against Sexism (RAS) followed in the DIY tradition of punk music and subculture, producing its own zine, organizing direct action protests, and putting on shows in local venues. RAS prefigured the riot grrrl movement, giving women more access to punk subculture. The group dissolved in 1994. The collection includes layouts (53 items) for and the final printed versions (29 items) of the self-published zine Rock Against Sexism (ca. 1981-1994 and n.d.). 350 items.

Ailecia Ruscin Zine Collection, 1994-2002
Collection includes a wide selection of zines, zine catalogs, and some correspondence. 552 items.

Sandra Stringer Papers, 1995-2001
Sandra Stringer began publishing her comic-zine ATTAGIRL in 1995. The collection consists an autobiographical statement and a complete run of Attagirl, a self-published, personal zine written by Sandra Stringer. 28 items.

Transgender Oral History Project Zine Distro Project Papers, 1992-2013 and undated
The collection comprises 35 trans-inclusive zines gathered and distributed by the Transgender Oral History Project beginning in 2012, along with an informational folder for the project. The zines date from 1992-2013 or are undated.

Sarah Wood Zine Collection, 1990s
Sarah Wood ran GERLL Press, a zine distro (distributor) based in Chicago, Ill., in the early- to mid-1990s. 100 items. 

Young Writers' papers, 2000-2004 and n.d.
The collection (00-390) (14 items, dated 2000 and n.d.) consists of several short essays and poems written by girls in the Duke Young Writers' Camp. Student assignments included writing self-portraits in light of stereotypes, memory pieces, and poems celebrating parts of a woman's body.

Jenny Zervakis Papers, 1991-2001
Jenny Zervakis began her comic-zine Strange Growths in 1991. The collection includes an autobiographical statement and issues 1 to 6 and 9 to 14 ½ of Strange Growths. 14 items.