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Web-Based Mapping Applications

Mapping applications that primarily work within web browsers, usually interactive, often with a multi-media component. Includes "story maps."

Story Maps

StoryMapJSStoryMap JS

A free tool to help you tell stories on the web that highlight the locations of a series of events, resulting in a slideshow. Strong on the inclusion of media.

Build in a web interface with the StoryMap JS Authoring Tool.

Can't upload your own data; create map in the interface.

Developed and supported by Knight Lab at Northwestern University.

Requires a Google Drive account.

Create and share animated and multimedia story maps for the web. 

Create a free account and publish your finished map to their server for sharing.

Can import some geographic file formats: GeoJSON, KML, GPX, and TopoJSON.

A service of Community Logic, Inc., an information technologies provider for nonprofit organizations.

Google Earth Tour BuilderGoogle Earth Tour Builder

"A Google Earth experiment" in beta, perhaps not updated since 2015 (copyright date).

It is a story map application that uses a web browser. It doesn't require the installation of the Google Earth client like the tour feature within Google Earth.

Allows inclusion of photos and videos.

Can make your tour private or you can share it.

Requires a Google account.