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Web-Based Mapping Applications

Mapping applications that primarily work within web browsers, usually interactive, often with a multi-media component. Includes "story maps."

Other open source coding tools and libraries.

  • GeoBlacklight (built using Ruby on Rails; organizes geospatial data; sponsored by several major universities)
  • MapServer Open Source mapping tool written in C; requires running a web server (Apache, etc.)
  • Omeka  Neatline  GeoServer
    GeoServer is a server for storing and disseminating geospatial data; Neatline is a geospatial plug-in for the online exhibit curation product Omeka, providing a public front-end for content on GeoServer; will require coding expertise and administrative overhead
  • PostGIS Extends PostgreSQL database objects to incorporate geospatial information
  • Sci2 Tool Tools to visualize datasets, including geospatial. See manual
  • Shiny: Package for R; coding required