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Web-Based Mapping Applications

Mapping applications that primarily work within web browsers, usually interactive, often with a multi-media component. Includes "story maps."


This guide will give an overview of places to help you develop interactive maps, often referred to as story maps. These products:

  • usually can be used by viewers with only a web browser.
  • emphasize sharing output, and often collaborating in the creation of a map.
  • usually are interactive, so the user can do things like zoom and pan, or turn layers on and off.
  • often allow the incorporation of other media besides maps, such as photographs and images, videos, text, or links to websites.
  • usually can be created and edited using a browser interface rather than a separate client.
  • require data to be stored in the cloud, or use data that is readily accessible on the internet.
  • may require coding (JavaScript and other languages) to implement more advanced features.
  • frequently are open source.
  • if commercial, usually have a free edition with reduced features.