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Russian and East European Historical Newspapers


Gazety Rossii (1703 - 1917) -- searchable database, containing bibliographic descriptions of all the newspapers published on the territory of the Russian Empire (within its 1913 borders) in the Russian language, from 1703-1917 inclusively. Additionally the catalog includes newspapers published in foreign cities containing large populations of the Russian diaspora: Lviv, Chernovtsy, and Kharbin. Included also are newspapers published by military units. This new online resource should save researchers a significant amount of time in identifying newspaper titles that may be useful for their research.

Russian Historical Newspapers

Russian/NIS Universal Databases
Commercial service providing access to central and regional newspapers from Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Caucasus, and Baltics. Cross-searchable with Current Digest of Post-Soviet Press, Pravda, Izvestiia, and Literaturnaia gazeta,

Current Digest of Post-Soviet Press
The Current Digest of the (Post-)Soviet Press was founded in 1949. Presents weekly selections of Russian-language press materials, carefully translated into English. 1949-present

Moscow News Digital Archive
The oldest English-language newspaper in Russia. Date Coverage: 1930-2014

Pravda Digital Archive
The most widely read and referenced Russian-language news source from the Soviet era, converted from microfilm and made available online in full-text and full-image. Date Coverage: 1912-to date

Izvestiia Digital Archive
Full-text and full-image articles of the longest-running Russian newspapers; from 1917-1991 the official organ of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Coverage: 1917-present


Literaturnaia gazeta
Considered the most open among newspapers of the Soviet era, this former organ of the Union of Soviet Writers remains popular among the intelligentsia in today’s Russia. Coverage: 1929-1941, 1944-present.


Argumenty i fakty Digital Archive

Popular weekly writing on all subjects in plain language. Coverage: 1983-present.


Старые газеты [Old newspapers].
Collection of digitized versions of a number of old newspapers from the Soviet Union and Imperial Russia. The newspapers digitized and mounted here deal with various aspects of the history of the country. Currently, coverage spans from 1912 through the Soviet period and ends in 1989. 

Старинные сибирские газеты - Электронный архив газет (Novosibirsk State Regional Scientific Library)
Collection of Siberian newspapers from 1858-1945. Includes Sibirskaia Gazeta, Sibirskaia zhizn', Sovetskaia sibir', Tomskie gubernskie vedomosti (1858-1910), and Tomskii listok.

Казанская периодическая печать XIX-XX вв. (Kazan State University)
Project to digitize Kazan periodical press of the 19th-20th centuries. Includes Kazanskie izvestiia (1811-1820), one of Russia's first provincial newspapers.

Olonetskiie Gubernskiie Vedomosti (1838-1917) (Petrozavodsk State University)
Project to digitalize and publish the entire collection of one of Russia's first provincial newspapers.

Татарская периодическая печать 1905-1917 гг. (Kazan State University)
Project to digitize important Tatar periodicals from 1905-1917.

Уральские газеты начала 20 века (Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library)
Page images and full text database of articles from newspapers of the Ural region (1919). This site also includes Vlast' naroda (1918), [*note - pages images on Web version are too small to read. For best results, use a zoomable image viewer]

Zhurnaly M. i F. Dostoevskikh
Full-text of 3 periodicals put out in the 19th-century by the Dostoevsky brothers: Vremia (1861-3), Epokha (1864-5), and Grazhdanin (1873-4)

Пресса революции 1917 and Сатирические журналы (1905 - 1917) and Русская периодика 1914-1918 гг. and Коллекция газет русского зарубежья (Russian State Historical Public Library)