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Russian and East European Historical Newspapers

Eastern European Historical Newspapers

World News Connection
A fee-based service of the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) which provides translations by FBIS and JPRS of non-English newspapers, speeches, journals, and some media broadcasts from foreign countries. Database for Central and Eastern Europe goes back to 1993.

Zaprudnik Belarusica Collection (Rutgers University)
Eighty-two (82) Belarusian emigre periodicals, collected and donated by noted historian and publicist Jan Zaprudnik. 

1956 in the Hungarian Electronic Library (Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár)

Centralny Katalog Czasopism Polskich
Searchable, bibliographic database, useful in tracking down holdings of periodicals (including newspapers) in Polish libraries.

Digital National Library of Serbia - Newspapers and Magazines

Access to digitized newspapers such as Politika (1904-1941), Belgrade Illustrated Newspaper (1866), Serbian Illustrated Newspaper (1881-1882), and others. Browseable by date.