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ArcGIS Pro Introduction

Sample Data and Workshop Outline

ArcGIS Pro Introduction (Zip Archive): Data and outline to go along with Library workshops.

Workshop recording

ArcGIS Pro Intro for Energy Initiative  (Zip Archive)

Where to Get ArcGIS Pro

1.OIT Download: Current Duke University students, faculty, and staff can get a free copy to install on their own Windows computer.

2. OIT computer labs on the Duke campus with computers running Windows.

3. Virtual Computing Manager (VCM) from Duke's Office of Information Technology (OIT) allows Duke users to check out a virtual machine with ArcGIS installed and connect via a remote connection.

4. The Brandaleone Family Center for Data and Visualization Services is in Bostock Library, on the first floor (The/Edge).

PointerWindows only: ArcGIS runs only on Windows platforms. Users of Macs or other operating systems need to install virtual machine software to install ArcGIS in a Windows environment.  Another option is the open source GIS package Quantum GIS (QGIS), compiled for several platforms.

Licensing ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS pro has two licensing options. The Named User License authenticates registered users through an organizational ArcGIS Online account.  

  1. Named User License: You must first set up your ArcGIS Online account, which relies on the Duke University campus site license. The license for ArcGIS Pro and for some popular extensions, including Spatial Analyst and Network Analyst, are activated automatically.
    NOTE:After setting up your ArcGIS Online account, if you need additional extensions activated or have other problems, please email the administrators:
    Each time you open ArcGIS Pro, you will log in using your Duke credentials to authenticate you as a licensed user of ArcGIS Pro.
    The URL prefix for the Duke license is dukeuniv.
    You'll be given a username of the form NetID_dukeuniv.
  2. Concurrent Use License: You must set this up from within ArcGIS Pro. See below.

Instructions for each of these methods are below.

Creating the ArcGIS Online Account (default licensing method)

Important!Set up an account with Enterprise Login

  • Duke University and Health System affiliates can now log into ArcGIS Online (AGOL) with their Duke NetID.
  • Go to the Duke AGOL Login Page :
  • Click the choice to sign on using your Duke University account. You will get the normal Shibboleth screen to log in using your NetID.
  • If you get a screen with an "Enterprise Login" button, always choose that option!
  • Your  username will be created as NetID_dukeuniv.
  • An administrator can transfer ownership of any content under an old Duke address to the new enterprise Duke account. Email
  • NOTE:ArcGIS Pro and its most-used extensions (like Spatial Analyst) are activated by default, and ArcGIS Online will be activated with most permissions and a basic level of credits for online analysis procedures. After setting up your ArcGIS Online account, email the administrators at if you have questions regarding account permissions and credits.
  • The old Duke organizational accounts eventually will be decommissioned.

Concurrent Use License

With a Concurrent Use License, ArcGIS Pro will check with a license server ( each time you open it, in order to verify that you have a licensed copy.  You will still need to create an ArcGIS Online account and log in to ArcGIS Online if you want to move content back and forth from ArcGIS Pro on your desktop and ArcGIS Online in the cloud.

You may have an option to set up the license when you install the program.

After installation, you can always change the licensing option from within the ArcGIS Pro interface.

From the opening interface, you can choose the Settings link in the lower left to get to the "About ArcGIS Pro" settings screen.  
OR from the project interface you can choose the Project tab to get to the settings. ArcGIS Pro Project Tab
Then, choose the Licensing tab.
Then click on "Configure your licensing options" button at the bottom of the resulting screen. Configure Licensing Button
Finally, you get a dialog where you can choose the licensing option and set the license manager address, which is Licensing dialog