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ArcGIS Pro Introduction

Help and Training

Help Documentation

  1. On the web: ArcGIS Pro latest version online help (use Search box at upper right or explore tabs). You can also get to this from the Windows Start Menu, under ArcGIS...ArcGIS Pro...ArcGIS pro Online Help.
  2. Within ArcGIS: Press the F1 key, click the question mark ? in the upper right, or click Help under the Project tab: you'll go to the online help in a browser window.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly,

ArcGIS Pro: Essential Training a 2-1/3 hour online course from LinkedIn Learning (Duke users only). Uses version 2.4.
You may need to click the Login button, use a email address, and be routed to Shibboleth for authentication.

CDVS Workshop

Recording of a 2-hour introductory workshop at the library.


ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start Tutorials
The tutorials vary in length from 10 to 45 minutes and include a short preview video.  There are also suggestions for further training.

ArcGIS Tech Workshops on YouTube
Include tutorials on all Esri products, including ArcGIS Pro. Also, you can get the PowerPoint slides from these presentations.

Esri Training Site: Free

The Esri Training Site has many different sorts of training videos and other resources. the search interface lets you limit to ArcGIS pro and the format of help that you want. Under E-Learning, the Training Seminars are typically 1-hour free webinars on more general topics. The Tutorials are also free resources, typically shorter and on more specific topics, and some of the shorter Videos are also free. There are also multi-week MOOCS, some of which may relate to ArcGIS Pro.

Esri Training Site: Licensed

The Esri Training Site also has some resources with a notice "Requires Maintenance." These simply require "Esri Access" to be enabled through your ArcGIS Online account. Email  to ask enabling Esri Access to access these training materials. Such licensed resources include, under the E-Learning format group, the Web Courses and the longer Videos.