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Guide to Collections Related to Pan American World Airways: Advertisements


J. Walter Thompson Company. Domestic Advertisements Collection, 1875-2001
This extensive collection of print ads from JWT includes numerous boxes of Pan Am advertising from 1942-1974.  Materials include advertisements prepared for both domestic and international consumers. Specific advertisements include print ads for the introduction of jet passenger travel and cargo advertisements. In addition, copy scripts, photographs, typography and other design elements are present in many cases along with the finished advertisements. The collection also includes newspaper and magazine insertion schedules for some years.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Frankfurt Office. Advertisements Collection, 1950-1991 and undated
This collection includes multiple boxes and folders of magazine and newspaper advertisements for the Pan Am German market. While some of these ads are in English, the majority are in German and span the period of 1955 to 1978. Topics include cargo services, in-flight services, pet services, various aircraft in the Pan Am fleet, holiday fare specials, US-German routes, and German-Asian routes.

J. Walter Thompson Company. International Advertisements Collection, 1900-2004
This collection contains print advertisements for international markets. Materials include advertisements for Pan Am from 1954, 1968, and 1969 for markets in the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.

Roy Lightner Collection of Antique Advertisements, 1870s-2000s, bulk 1910-1969
This collection contains several advertisements for Pan Am from 1979.

Wells Rich Greene Inc. Records, 1954-1998 and undated
This collection contains an extensive amount of both print advertisements and audiovisual materials. The collection includes 15 boxes of Pan American print advertising from 1982-1988. These advertisements include both American and international markets. International advertisements are primarily European and including advertisements in German, French, Czech, and Hungarian. In addition, the collection contains television commercials from 1982-1988.

Wunderman Archives, 1946-2010 and undated (restricted to research)
This collection contains advertisements and promotional material for Wunderman’s Pan Am account from 1982 to 1991. These materials include scrapbooks promotional materials for the Pan Am World Pass, Clipper Club, and World Club. In addition, there are several slides of undated promotional materials, historical information, and client logos as well as an undated video presentation.

Additional collections containing Pan Am advertisements include: