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Direct Marketing Materials: Add'l HC Materials

Guide to materials related to direct marketing in the Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising, and Marketing History, Duke University

Additional Hartman Cetner Materials

Advertising Ephemera Collection, 1850s-1980s
The Advertising Ephemera Collection is composed of single advertisements, product and trade catalogs, advertising pamphlets, and broadsides. The advertisements are primarily American and from the late-19th and early- to mid-20th century. Addition (2004-0145) contains (one box only) a wide variety of promotional items, most dating from the early- to mid-20th century, including cookbooks, pamphlets, brochures, direct mailings, order forms, and other items. Also includes a can opener, a contact lens case, and an LP record. This addition has not been processed.

McGraw-Hill Marketing Information Center Vertical File, 1948-1991
The McGraw-Hill Marketing Information Center was established in 1948 as a sales service for customers of the McGraw- Hill Publications Company. This large vertical file, developed by the McGraw-Hill Marketing Information Center, spans the years 1948 through 1991 and contains published articles, books, research studies, speech transcripts, and other materials on the subjects of marketing, sales, advertising, and corporate operations. The collection includes extensive materials on the implementation and evaluation of direct mail marketing strategies.

  • Box 29, Folder 35:1-2.3 - Business Papers vis-a-vis Direct Mail (promoting direct marketing as method)
  • Box 30, Folder 35:1-7.1 - Direct Response Cards, how they work
  • Box 30, Folder 35:2-1 - Catalog marketing (development, distribution, evaluation)
  • Boxes 30-31, all subfolders of 35:3 - pertains to Direct Mail/Direct Marketing/Direct Response (includes agencies; industrial direct marketing; cooperative direct marketing; direct marketing testing and research)
  • Box 36-37, all 45 folders - evaluates the inquires businesses receive as result of advertising, mostly direct mail, as determined by use of response cards; how to stimulate inquiries; usage of coupons; blending traditional advertisements and direct marketing tools
  • Box 52, folder 10:2-7.4 - Direct Mail/Mail Marketing/Direct Response Advertising
  • Box 52, folder 10:2-7.3 - Catalogs

Radio TV Reports Infomercial Collection, 1990-1996
Radio TV Reports, Inc. is a broadcast service company that records, transcribes and monitors radio and television programming. Collection spans the years 1990-1996 and consists of over 800 as-broadcast televised infomercials and public service programs recorded on VHS. Topics include direct marketing for health and beauty aids, kitchen appliances, exercise equipment, wealth management and collectible items. Celebrities featured as spokespersons include Cher, Joe Theisman, Richard Simmons and Victoria Jackson. Services represented include health and insurance providers and nonprofit organizations such as the New Jersey Education Association. Please note that original audiovisual materials are closed to patron use. Research Services staff needs to produce use copies before contents can be accessed. Fees apply.

Books and Serials related to direct marketing in the library catalog
Significant book holdings include:

  • Wunderman, Lester, Being Direct: Making Advertising Pay (1996) HF5810.W86 AC 1996
  • Direct Marketing Association, DMA Lists Practices Handbook (1988) LSC 4886