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Japanese Studies Reference Tools: Index to Reference Tools

Japanese Studies Research Guide

Reference Tools

Purpose of this Guide

Reference tools include sources for answering questions that arise once research is underway.

Atlases, Gazetteers and Maps

Information about places in Japan over time as well as maps, both historical and current, online and in print. 

Book Reviews

More useful for English language books than Japanese; citation indexes are also useful for evaluating books.


Arranged by date, Japanese versions often compare political, social and cultural events by era.


A concordance is a list of the principal words used in a book or body of work, with their immediate contexts. Developed for classical Japanese poetry.


Includes both Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionaries, kokugo, kanwa, old and current words, specialized and online dictionaries. There are many forms of dictionaries; this site presents one or two examples of each type; more can be found by clicking on the subject headings.


Includes institutional and organizational directories for education, non-profits, business and politics.

Names and People

How to read a name, find information on living and dead people.


demographic and economic statistics; for political data, see political science

Librarian for Japanese Studies

Matthew Hayes
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