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Japanese Studies Reference Tools: Names & People

Name Dictionaries

General Biographical Dictionaries - English

Specialized Biographical Dictionaries

Time Period


Number Covered

650-1200 Nihon kodai jinmei jiten 1809 persons
1156-1467 Kamakura Muromachi jinmei jiten 3,500 samurai
1467-1615 Sengoku jinmei jiten 24,028 samurai
1185-1868 Daibukan 3 vols. - warrior officials
1600-1868 Edo Bakuhan Daimyōke jiten 319 daimyo
1600-1868 Nihon yōgaku jinmei jiten 1,022 scholars of the West in Japan
1853-1877 Bakumatsu ishin jinmei jiten 8,293 persons
1853-1871 Meiji ishin jinmei jiten 4,295 Japanese and foreigners
1551-1897 Umi o koeta Nihon jinmei jiten = Biographical dictionary of Japanese travelers to the Occident 1,700 Japanese travelers
1544-1942 Rainichi Seiyō jinmei jiten = Biographical dictionary of Europeans who lived in Japan 1,303 Westerners in Japan
Yayoi-1990 Chūgoku jinmei jiten. Kodai kara gendai made 9,405 Chinese who travelled to Japan
1829-1954 Kindai Nihon shakai gakusha shōden : shoshiteki kōsatsu 140 scholars
1860-1945 Nihon shakai undō jinmei jiten 1,500 activists
1868-1945 Kindai Nihon shakai undōshi jinbutsu daijiten 15,000 activists
1868-1990 Seijika jinmei jiten = Biographical dictionary of Japanese Statesmen 4,100 statesmen
1868-1989 Shimin shakai undō jinmei jiten = Biographical  dictionary of Grass-roots Movements and Social Movements in Japan 4,000 persons
1868-2000 Kin-gendai Nihon josei jinmei jiten 1309 women
20th century Nihon anakizumu undō jinmei jiten 3000 anarchists

Who's Who


Call Number

Holdings/Pub. Date

Jinji kōshinroku
DS885.5.A1 J5 1991 to present;
earlier years - Nihon shinshiroku
Shintei gendai Nihon jinmeiroku
新訂現代人名録  4vols.
CT1836 .G419 1987, 1994, 1998, 2002
Shintei gendai Nihon josei jinmeimoku
CT3730 .S56 2001

Contemporary Writers of Japan

Call Number

Holdings/Pub. Date

Gendai Nihon Shippitsusha Daijiten
現代日本執筆者大事典 77/82
CT1833 .G463 1984
Shin Gendai Nihon Shippitsusha Daijiten
新現代日本執筆者大事典 83/92
CT1833 .S556 1992


Call Number

Holdings/Pub. Date

Nikkei Kaisha Jinmeiroku
HD38.25.J3 N555 1991, 1997
Shōwa senzen zaikai jinmei daijiten, 4 v.
HC461.5.A2 S569 1993 1929, 1931, 1934

Government Officials

Call Number

Holdings/Pub. Date

JQ1621 .S5 1968 - present
Kokkai Benran
JQ1651 .K64 1973-75, 1977, 1981, 1992-present


Call Number

Holdings/Pub. Date

Directory of Japan Specialists and Japanese Studies Institutions

DS805.15 .D57 1988, 1995, 2006
Zenkoku Daigaku Shokuinroku
全国大学職員録 2 vols.
L961.J3 Z4 1972, 1987, 1989, 1992-present

TV, Film Personalities

Call Number

Holdings/Pub. Date

Eizō media sakka jinmei jiten
PN1998.2 E44 1991
Nihon eiga jinmei jiten. Kantoku hen
PN1998.2 .N55 1997
Nihon eiga jinmei jiten. Dan'yu hen
PN2927 .N54 1996
Nihon eiga jinmei jiten. Joyū hen
PN2927 .N55 1995
Nihon geinō jinmei jiten
PN2927 .N54 1995
Terebi tarento jinmei jiten
PN2927 .T474 1992, 1999, 2001

Mange, Anime Personalities

Call Number

Holdings/Pub. Date

Mangaka, Anime sakka jinmei jiten
NC1700 .M36 1997
Nippon mangaka meikan : mangaka 500-nin nodeta bukku
ニッポン漫画家名鑑: 漫画家500人のデータブック
NC1706 .N34 1994

Useful Databases

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese Dictionary Server

Kinsei Kijinden: Sei and Zoku
Digitized full text and prints of kinsei kijinden available through Nichibunken Databases.


Database of researchers and research topics.

Provides information in Japanese on living and deceased people in economics, politics, society (190,000 people); researchers, authors, journalists (150,000); the arts, entertainment and sports (100,000). Brief records include reading of name, employment/occupation, and source of data. Detailed records also include birth/death dates, birthplace, field of specialization, educational history, history of employment, prizes, address as well as sources of information on the individual and a list of materials written by the individual.

World Biographical Information System


General Biographical Dictionaries - Japanese

Biographical Indexes

Jinbutsu refarensu jiten.
EA Ref: CT1832 .J56 1983
Indexes 37 biographical sources for 180,000 people from ancient times to the present.  Provides readings of names, dates, occupation, birthplace, and dictionaries where more information can be found.   Index arranged by first Chinese character of surname, by reading, radical and stroke counts.

Jinbutsu refarensu jiten: Meiji, Taishō, Shōwa senzen hen
人物レファレンス事典, 明治、大正、昭和戦前編
EA Ref: CT1836 .J58 1999
Expands the gendai volumes of the previous title.  Covers 47,146 people who were active between 1868 and 1945, and provides references to 72 Biographical sources.