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Black History at Duke University

A guide to University Archives materials documenting the experiences and impact of African American students, employees, faculty, and organizations of Duke University. Created by Jessica Wood, Ph.D., 2011-2012 University Archives King Intern.

Getting Started: Reference Collections

These collections are prepared by Duke University Archives staff to provide brief overviews of popular topics in Duke University's history. You may want to begin your research by studying the materials in these collections as a way of orienting yourself to this topic.

Archival Materials on African American Studies at Duke

Dialog with Black Studies Faculty Poster, undatedIn addition to the Reference Collections, primary source material on African American Studies at Duke can be found in the Archival Collections listed below.

Please note that administrative office records are restricted for a period of twenty-five years from the origin of the material. To use these materials, permission must be obtained from the office of origin. Contact the University Archives staff for assistance with requesting permission!

  • Jack Preiss Papers, 1940-2012: Includes documentation on the committee tasked with creating recommendations for the Afro-American Studies Program at Duke.