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Eastern Christian Spirituality: Syriac


The Syriac Orthodox tradition upholds the primacy of Peter as the rock of the Church, calling Jesus, "Kepha."

Internet Resources

Syriac Orthodox Church

Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch

Internet Guide to Religion (Wabash Center)

eBeth Arké Syriac Studies Collection, a project of Beth Mardutho:  The Syriac Institute hosted by the On-line Digital Collections of Saint John's University and the College of Saint Benedict

Syriac Studies Reference Library, Brigham Young University and the Catholic University of America

iTanakh, resources in Syriac

Ephrem the Syrian (c.306-73)

St. John of Damascus (c.665-749)

Writings: [The fount of Knowledge], John, of Damascus, Saint

Syriac Orthodox Monastery

(Post-card of celebration at the Syriac Orthodox Monastery in Mosul, in what is now northern Iraq, early 20th century)

Key Resources

Introduction to Eastern Christian Spirituality : the Syriac Tradition, Seely J. Beggiani

Spirituality in the Syriac Tradition, Sebastian P. Brock

Christliche Ikonographie, Jean-Paul Deschler

The Early Syriac Lectionary, Burkitt, F. Crawford (Francis Crawford), 1864-1935

One Bible, Many Voices : Different Approaches to Biblical Studies, Susan E Gillingham

The Bible in the Syriac Tradition, Sebastian P. Brock

The Syriac fathers on prayer and the spiritual life, introduced and translated by Sebastian Brock

East Syrian spirituality, edited by Augustine Thottakara