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Biblical Studies (Divinity): Accordance

Your virtual reference room.

Accordance Search Interface

1. Search Entry Area located above the divider line, and where search options are selected and search criteria or verse references are entered. This area expands if more search options () are selected.

2. Search Results Area (2-5), located below the divider line, and where the search results (also called hits) are displayed. The Search Results area has four main components:

Hit Options bar (2), which displays the number of "hits" found by the current search criteria, and provides different ways to view the results (such as detailed graphs, or in additional text panes).

3. Panes Bar (3, for each opened pane), used to quickly change the displayed text version and font size, change pane orientation, or close the pane.

4. Text pane (4), which displays the actual search results and includes a scroll bar for basic navigation through the search results.

5. Navigation bar (5), used for more refined navigation through the search results.

Above screenshots and instruction from Accordance Help Documentation.

Hebrew & Greek Searches

HEBREW (more info)

  • Make sure you select a tagged text (BHS-W4, QUMRAN, MISH-T, TARG, INSCRIP)
  • Accordance uses the Yehudit Hebrew font with right-to-left entry in the search entry box
  • Search entry may consist of inflected, lexical, or root forms, wildcards, grammatical tags, a phrase consisting of these elements, and combinations of these expressions with the search commands.
  • Entering Hebrew Characters
  • Hebrew Searches
  • Example: Hebrew Grammatical Search

 Hebrew Search

GREEK (more info)

Greek Search 

Place your cursor on a Greek word, right-click, and search on: 

  • Lemma: results returned on all occurences of the word regardless of inflection (endings)
  • Inflected: results returned only on the occurence of the exact spelling of the word or phrase
  • Root: results returned of all the words that share the root of the word you've highlighted
  • Tag: results returned on the tag associated with your highlighted selection.

About Accordance

Accordance is a popular bible software program designed specifically for Macs (PC version to be released in 2013). This page highlights some useful resources to help you get started in using Accordance. 

Notable Features

Compare texts (English translations, original language texts)

Create your own interlinears

Compare parallel texts (Gospels, OT in the NT, Q sayings and more)

Study texts alongside critical research & language tools

Analyze original Hebrew and Greek with tagged texts

Popular Add-ons

Lexicons & Dictionaries & Reference

BDAG & HALOT (Lexicons)
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon
Louw & Nida Greek Lexicon
Hebrew Dictionary Jenni-Westermann
Metzger’s Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament


Additional English translations (NRSV) w/ Strong’s
LXX1 & 2 Rahlfs' Septuagint Tagged Text (LXX1 & 2) with Apparatus
GNT-Tagged (there are a variety of Greek and Hebrew “bundles”)