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French and Francophone Studies

Guide to Resources in French & Francophone Literature and History

News Aggregators

Databases that aggregate news have lots of international coverage. Aggregators typically et you search a particular newspaper title. More resources are under 

Individual Newspapers

Selection of daily and weekly Newspapers and journals held at Duke (often in microfilm format). Many can also be found in Nexis Uni  - Factiva  -  - Gallica (pre 1923).

La Croix ISSN: 0242-6056

​​Les Échos ISSN: 0153-4831

Le Figaro (Paris, France) ISSN: 0182-5852
L'Humanité ISSN: 0242-6870
Libération (Paris, France : 1973) ISSN: 0335-1793
Le Monde ISSN: 0395-2037

Le Parisien ISSN:0767-3558

  • 10/07/2007 to Present in Nexis Uni



Charlie Hebdo ISSN: 1240-0068

Courrier International ISSN: 1154-516X

Le Canard enchaîné ISSN: 0008-5405

L'Express ISSN: 0245-9949

  • In print Holdings: LIBRARY HAS: no.832(1980) no.868-876(1981) no.878(1981)-no.982(1983) no.985-990(1983) no.992(1983)-no.1050(1985) no.1052-1057,1059,1063-1102(1985) no.1103-1104,1106,1108-1154(1986) no.1155(1986/1987)-no.1156(1987) no.1158-1177,1179-1207(1987) no.1208-1234,1236-1259(1988) no.1260(1989)-no.1469(1992) no.1471-1472,1481,1491-1520(1993) no.1521(1993/1994)-no.1543(1994) no.1552(1994)-1762(1998) no.1764-1768(1998) no.1773(1998)-1783(1999) no.1785-1817,1819-1825,1827,1829-1833(1999) no.1834(1999/2000)-no.2079(2004); no.2081(2004)-no.2094 (2004); no.2096(2005)-no.2189(2006); no.2191(2006)-no.2348(2009); no.2350(2009)-no.2459(2011); no.2461(2012),no.2566(2014:janv.9/15)-no.2575(2014:mars 13/19), no.2591(2014:juil.3/9)-no.2603(2014:sept.25/oct.1),no.2605(2014:oct.)-no.2606(2014:oct.16/22).
  • Microfilm 1975-1987; 1989-2003

Le Nouvel Observateur ISSN: 0029-4713

Marianne (Paris) ISSN: 1275-7500

Paris-Match ISSN: 0031-2029

Télérama ISSN: 0040-2699

Online newspapers

Historic News

The digital library at the French National Library, Gallica is the most important source for historic newspapers and journals. Your research will also benefit from using deep digital archives of western hemisphere newspapers listed below.