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Dictionary of Art Historian Sources : Biographical Dictionaries

For researchers creating entries for the Dictionary of Art Historians at Duke University. All proprietary material is liked to the Duke University catalog.



Australian Dictionary of Biography



Index Biographique Francais (hardcopy, Perkins Ref) CT 103.I53 1998



Neue Deutsche Biographie (hardcopy, Perkins Ref) CT 1053.N4 1953

Deutscher biographischer Index = German biographical index.  PERKINS refCT1054 .D48 1998

Deutsche biographische EnzyklopaŐądie : (DBE)  (Perkins Ref)  CT759 .D48 1995


Dizionario biografico degli Italiani  (hardcopy, 96 vols) CT1123 .D5 1960 [only up to T's]

Indice biografico italiano  (hardcopy, Perkins Ref) CT 1123.I53 2001 - Index of where Italian biographies can be located in sources.  A two-step index.


Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

United States

American National Biography  (hard copy, 25 vols. Perkins Ref CT213 .A68, 1999)

Global - these may come up on google searches