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Bloomberg Professional Introduction: Help

Video Intro to the Terminal

Further Assistance

For help, please contact staff in the Library's Center for Data & Visualization Sciences. Below are some useful help guides compiled at other libraries.

(Some of the instructions regarding access and logging in may be specific to these other institutions.)

Help and Shortcut Options at the Terminal

MAIN <GO> Outline of Bloomberg service, leading to MENUs of commands for each component
MENU <GO> or green MENU key Context-sensitive outline of available commands; the resulting menu depends on component or market sector that you're currently using
Green F1 HELP key Hit once to get contextual help (depends on Market Sector), or after a command to help on that command; twice to email the help desk
Green SEARCH key Opens a search box to perform a general keyword search across all of the Bloomberg Professional Service.
LAST <GO> Review the last 8 functions used.
DAPI <GO> View the Excel Add-In menu.
BLP <GO> Starts the Launchpad, a tool for personalizing your views and to help you monitor specific securities, industries, and news. See detailed help from the University of Pennsylvania (links in right column).
BPS <GO> Bloomberg Professional Service: Resource center for short guides (cheat sheets) on different topics (list in left column).
BMC <GO> Bloomberg Market Concepts: Online training course on knowledge of financial concepts, leading to Certificate of Completion or Continuing Education credit. More info in the University of Florida guide or the Babson College guide.
BU <GO>  Bloomberg University: Choose Bloomberg Seminars and Events to get a list of upcoming webinars and workshops on various topics.
BHL <GO> Bloomberg Help and Learning:  Provides links to learning resources about Bloomberg. The Getting Started section at the right may be especially useful for beginniners.
Getting Started Booklet that can be found near the Bloomberg terminals. Please ask if you can't find a copy.