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Bloomberg Professional Introduction: Overview

In-person and remote access

We have three Bloomberg Terminals in the Brandeleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services in Bostock Library.  These operate under the Bloomberg for Education license, and a Duke NetID is required to log into the computers before logging into the Bloomberg Service.

Additionally, remote access is also temporarily available to facilitate access for remote users who may have limited access to the library while COVID-19 emergency measures are still in place at Duke. Users should be prepared to return to in-person access when Bloomberg removes remote access, currently scheduled to occur after the spring semester ends. To gain remote access, please see the step-by-step instructions below. Fuqua students who need remote access should contact 

The number of simultaneous users may be limited to the number of terminals we can access under our license (comparable to using the physical Terminals in the lab), which is 4 under the Arts & Sciences license.  You may need to wait until a Terminal I.D. is freed up. 

To get a Remote Terminal Login

  1. Register at Bloomberg for Education site: Students needing a Duke Bloomberg login to use for remote access with Bloomberg Anywhere need to first register at with their email address. This is the same site that students use to access free BMC training modules during COVID emergency measures, but you can use this interface also to access the Terminal request option.
  2. Request Terminal access to be activated: Next, contact to get your status activated for “Terminal” access. Administrators don't receive notices that someone has requested activation.
  3. Create Bloomberg Terminal Login: After being told that your access has been activated, go back into the Bloomberg for Education site to go through an account creation wizard to create your Bloomberg Terminal Login. There will be a multi-factor authentication option (e.g., a code sent via text).
  4. Use your new Login at Bloomberg Anywhere (BBA) site: Once you've set up your new Bloomberg Terminal Login, you can then go to the site to log in.
  5. Important: Your new Login will be separate from any earlier one you've had, so you won't have access to a previous Launchpad or other personalized settings.

Mediated search

If you don't need an account or just need assistance, we can do mediated searches for those with well-defined parameters (specific series or tickers; specific Bloomberg functions; defined time period). We can then provide you with a data extract. Contact

The Bloomberg Professional Service

Go to Instructions for Starting Bloomberg

Bloomberg Professional is the online financial data service founded back in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg, formerly the mayor of New York City.

The Center for Data and Visualization Sciences of the Duke University Libraries has three Bloomberg Terminals in the Brandaleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services in The/Edge on the first floor of the Bostock Library. The terminals are made possible with the generous assistance of the Duke Financial Economics Center in the Duke Department of Economics.

Temporary remote access is available through calendar year 2021 to help mitigate COVID-19 restrictions. See the instructions at the top of this page.

In the past, West Campus users would need to travel to the Ford Library at the Fuqua School of Business, which is also still available.  This arrangement allows them to access the Bloomberg service whenever Perkins Library is open.  The service is available only to Duke students, faculty, and staff.

Get Started

What's in Bloomberg

Bloomberg Professional provides current and recent historical financial data on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, currencies, commodities, futures, and foreign exchange for both international and domestic markets.

It also provides news on worldwide financial markets and industries as well as economic data for the countries of the world.  Additionally, it provides company profiles, company financial statements and filings, analysts' forecasts, and audio and video interviews and presentations by key players in business and finance (the Bloomberg Forum).

The Bloomberg Excel Add-in is a tool that delivers Bloomberg data directly into an Excel spreadsheet for custom analysis and calculations.

Limitations of Educational License

Bloomberg for Education doesn't have the full functionality of the commercial version of Bloomberg Professional.  For instance, there is a lag in stock quotes and data that makes it incompatible for real-time analysis or trading, it has more limited downloading capabilities, and of course there's no online trading.

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