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Bloomberg Professional Introduction: Certification (BMC & CFA)

BMC (Bloomberg Market Concepts) Certification

You can get a Certificate of Completion upon completing the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) course to demonstrate your knowledge of financial concepts and Bloomberg terminal functions in several modules (see below).

The self-paced program takes approximately 8 hours to complete.

More info in the University of Florida guide or the Babson College guide (may have some out-of-date information).


  • Try the command BCER <GO> or hit the Green “Menu” button on the keyboard multiple times to back out to “Main Menu of Bloomberg Functions” and under “Learn the Market, choose 10) BCER Bloomberg Certification
  • Choose “Log In” at the top of the left column, then the "Log In" bar under "Bloomberg Terminal Users"
    • (Or, you may have the choice under “Bloomberg Professional Users" to “Log In with SSO”)
  • This will spawn a browser window for “Bloomberg for Education”
  • Choose the “Certificates” tab
  • Scroll down to “Bloomberg Market Concepts” and click the button that says either “Learn More” (if you haven’t started it yet) or “In Progress” (if you’ve already started it before)
  • Scroll down to “courses to find the Modules, and complete each
    1. Economic Indicators
    2. Currencies
    3. Fixed Income
    4. Equities
    5. Terminal Basics
    6. Commodities
    7. Equity Options
    8. Portfolio Management  

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)


For those preparing to take the CFA certification exams, the CFAPRO <GO> function on the Bloomberg Terminal maps the 2018 CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge to 400 Bloomberg functions.

Drill down into Learning Outcome Statements, discover Bloomberg functions that best illustrate the academic finance concepts, then springboard quickly and easily to those relevant functions.