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ArcGIS Online Introduction: Services

Feature Services

Feature Services are vector layers accessed on ArcGIS Online and drawn dynamically by your browser

  • They consist of points, lines, or polygons
  • They usually serve as the “operational layer” in thematic map
  • They can have scale dependencies (visible or not based on scale)
  • You can customize symbology
  • Viewers can tweak the visual representation

Tiled Map Services

Tiled Map Services, such as Esri basemaps, are cell-based map layers

  • They are scale-dependent: more detail is visible as zoomed in
  • They can represent a static map of pre-drawn images
  • They are either datasets with large extents, or rasters

Creating a Service

Free online training seminar: Creating Hosted Map Services with ArcGIS Online (60 min)

Services can be created in 3 ways:

  • Publish from ArcGIS for Desktop
  • From When uploading CSV and Shapefiles
  • Using Esri Maps for Office (works with Excel and Powerpoint)

Important Restrictions

  1. You must have an ArcGIS Online Organizational Account (not just a personal/public account)
  2. To build services, you need to have at least a publisher role (not just a user)

Create hosted web layers from ArcGIS Desktop

  • Must have at lest version 10.1 to do this directly from Desktop
  • Can publish either a feature layer or a tile layer from Desktop
  • Have a map document open
  • File…Sign into ArcGIS online
  • File…Share As…Service…Publish as a Service…name your Service
    • You can choose to publish as a Tiled Map services and/or a Feature service
      • If tiled, decide on Caching…tiling Scheme (Arc Online/Bing/Google uses Web Mercator)
      • if tiled, go to Caching … advanced: play around to reduce cache size (tiled service)
    • Item Description: metadata
    • Sharing: several options
    • Analyze option: checks if it’s ready, will give errors (e.g., can’t publish a basemap layer)
    • Publish: gets it ready on ArcGIS Online
    • Configure editing options in browser, too (

Create hosted web layers in ArcGIS Online

  • Must do this from the My Content page (not the Map window); use "Add Item" button
  • Can upload a zipped shapefile; can create a feature service from it
  • Dialog will ask questions as when you publish a service from Desktop
  • Can symbolize and save item properties
  • Can add a layer from a URL or from an Arc Server

Create feature service in Esri Maps for Office

  • If a spreadsheet has geographic data (e.g., addresses), can sign in to ArcGIS Online, then “share layer”
  • Will upload data as .csv and create a feature service

Sharing Services

  • Share your services to take them beyond “My Content” (private) into Groups, Organization, and Public access.
  • Each service can be used in multiple Web Maps or accessed in map documents in ArcGIS Desktop.
  • You can create a Web Map from a service, or access it from ArcGIS Desktop.
  • You can create a Web Application from a service.