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ArcGIS Online Introduction: Accounts & Groups

Important!Set up an account with Enterprise Login

  • Duke University and Health System affiliates can now log into ArcGIS Online (AGOL) with their Duke NetID.
  • Go to the Duke AGOL Login Page :
  • Click the choice in the upper right to sign on. Click the "Duke University" option. If you're not already logged into NetID Services, it will route you to Shibboleth to log in using your NetID.
  • If you ever get a screen with an "Enterprise Login" button, always choose that option!
  • Your  username will be created as NetID_dukeuniv.  dukeuniv is also the prefix for Duke's institutional URL, as in the second bullet above.
  • NOTE:ArcGIS Pro and its most-used extensions (like Spatial Analyst) are activated by default, and ArcGIS Online will be activated with most permissions and a basic level of credits for online analysis procedures. After setting up your ArcGIS Online account, email the administrators at if you have questions regarding account permissions and credits.
  • The old Duke organizational accounts (that didn't go through Shibboleth) will eventually be decommissioned. For questions, email or


Your Account

There are two basic types of accounts for individuals:

Subscription Account

  • Subscription is a private instance for your organization (Duke University and Health System)
  • See announcement above regarding Enterprise Login for Duke affiliates
  • Allows levels of privacy
  • Allows hosted map services
  • Can register ArcGIS Server services
  • You can create, store, and manage maps, apps, and data, and share them with others

Free Public Acconts

  • Get access to content shared by Esri and GIS users around the world
  • You can create, store, and manage maps, apps, and data, and share them with others
  • You cannot upload your own GIS layers (map services)
  • Public accounts are for noncommercial use only
  • In a blog post regarding choice of story maps, Esri blogger Bern Szukalski addresses what can be done with Story Map web apps with a free public account


The Duke campus account is allotted a fixed number of "credits" (like a debit account) per year, which are consumed during the course of the year by using certain functions and storing data ArcGIS Online.

Schedule of credit costs

In our academic environment, Geocoding consumes the most credits, followed by Feature Services Storage. Tile Storage, various Network Analysis tools, and the other Analysis tools can also potentially consume many credits if not used judiciously.

Functional Roles

  • User
    • Main content consumer
    • Add and share content
    • Create web maps
    • Can join groups
  • Publisher
    • Can use Arc for Desktop to publish services
  • Administrator
    • Manage subscription
    • Manage user roles
    • Can reassign content to other users (say, if people leave the organization)
  • Custom Roles
    • Duke has implemented several customized roles to fine-tune permissions

More information on roles from ArcGIS Online help


  • Created within an organization
  • Specified users can be part of a group or groups
  • Group status:
    • Private (invitation only)
    • Organization
    • Public
    • Can set whether users can apply to join or require an invitation
  • Can set thumbnail image for group
  • Content can be shared with:
    • Individuals (private)
    • One or more groups
    • Organization
    • Everyone (public)
  • Content can be tagged to make easy to find