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ArcGIS Online Introduction: Analysis Tools


Free online training seminar: Gain Geographic Insight with ArcGIS Online Analysis Tools (60 min)

  • Analysis tools are part of ArcGIS Online for Organizations
  • You need at least the Publisher Role; not available with free public account
  • Analysis consumes Service Credits (the Duke campus license gets a fixed number of credits per year)


  • Summarize Data
  • Find Locations
  • Data Enrichment (combine with other data)
  • Analyze Patterns
  • Use Proximity
  • Manage Data

Developers can use API’s to run these tools in the background


1. Prepare data

  • Evaluate analysis needs (do you need context layers?, etc.)
  • Search local and online resources (is data already available?); use trusted sources
  • Create, publish, and filter data if needed (analysis tools will work only on what’s filtered)
Supported data types
  • Feature service
  • Map service within feature layers
  • AGOL Map Notes
  • AGOL Online Route layers
  • CSV
  • .gpx (GPS exchange format)
  • GeoRSS web feed

2. Create map

  • Bring data into web map
  • Optionally, set symbology, extent, bookmarks … and save

3. Perform Analysis

  • Determine appropriate tool(s); use “i” button to learn about tool
  • Apply parameters: numbered steps take you through the process

4. Review results

  • Results added to web map
  • Result is published hosted feature service (can share to organization or to public)
  • Also can use pop-ups on features to look at new attributes