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ArcGIS Online Introduction: Adding Content

Accessing Content from Desktop

Can access online content from within Desktop (under File menu)

  • Sign In to ArcGIS Online
  • Go to File ... ArcGIS Online, or to File ... Add Data ... Add Data from ArcGIS Online
  • Starting point will be Organization’s data
  • Can also go to My Content and Groups
  • Can also find your hosted services from the tree in the Catalog Window in ArcMap

Mobile Devices

Adding Content to ArcGIS Online


From within the My Content area, click "Add Item" to upload form your computer, with an upper limit of 1000 features:

ArcGIS Online will walk you through the process of creating a feature service to use this data in  maps.


  • Open folder in My Content
  • Add item
  • Navigate to where data is locally, add
  • Fix field definitions (e.g., address); add title, tags, etc.
  • Add item to run geocoding service
  • Edit details of new feature service (symbology, etc.)
  • Save map: title, tags, folder
  • Add any other layers desired from ArcGIS Online and save map
  • Share with a group if desired

You can also drag and drop a CSV file into a Map window.

You can also upload other file formats just to share, but they won't be mappable in ArcGIS Online: Complete list of formats

Publish a Service

Publishing data as a service is necessary to incorporate the data into maps.