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Statistical Science

Tips for finding papers with data sets

Are you looking for an article with a dataset or a dataset associated with an article your reading?

There is no one source that lets you search for just this type of information, but librarians have some tricks to help you.


1.  Find an article and look at the full text to see if it hints at any raw data or a statistical analysis being available.  Look to see if there is a link to Supplemental or Supporting Information. 


2.  Browse the journal Nature Scientific Data , which contains only open access and peer-reviewed articles.   Look for the link to data citations or data record.


3.  Use the Advanced Search feature in Proquest Science Database.  Enter your topic in the search box.  Next, in the box titled "Document Feature", select tables, graphs, etc.


4.  Search the Data Citation Index by topic, browse titles, and link to the data repository.  


5.  Use the advanced search in Web of Science to search by topic and limit to "Data paper".


6.  In PubMed, search "Datasets as Topic"[Mesh]  and your keywords.  Mesh is the abbreviation for Medical Subject Headings, i.e. the thesaurus of PubMed.   You can also search "Dataset" [Publication Type]  with your keywords.


7.  Search data repositories for interesting datasets, then find the associated article.