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Maps: Buying Maps

The Map Collection at Perkins Library and sources for online maps and related information.


This page focuses on commercial firms. We will soon include a page for government mapping agencies if you'd like to obtain maps directly from the government producer (if they sell directly to the public) as well as a web page for aerial photos and satellite imagery for those types of images (please stay tuned).

Information on ordering USGS maps.

Local Stores

Many local bookstores carry a good selection of maps, especially fold-up travel maps.

Also, some outdoor gear shops stock maps of interest to hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

More Links to Map Producers

If you need links to sites not listed above, try one of these lists.

International Map Industry Association (IMIA) Membership Directory
You can browse or narrow by country and category of product.

Eric Riback's Mapville Blog
Disscussions of this blogger's favorite map web sites.

Yahoo list of commercial map sites

Map Vendors

  • In the United States, EastView (listed imediately below) provides the widest variety of maps.
  • Many of the publishers listed further below also sell their maps directly to consumers

East View Publications, Inc.
Specializes in publications—including maps—from the former Soviet republics.  Some of these Soviet or Russian map series cover all areas of the world.

GeoCenter ILH (Internationales Landkartenhaus GmbH)
Large vendor in Stuttgart, Germany.

Maps Gone Tomorrow
A dealer using an Amazon Storefront. Some travel maps.
Specializes in wall maps.

World of Maps
Dealer in Ottawa, Ontario, with maps from the whole world, with a special emphasis on Canada.

Yellow Maps
Dealer in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a wide variety of travel maps, wall maps, and topographic maps for both Canada and the United States.

Dealers from the University of Texas at Austin
They maintain an extensive list of map vendors, worldwide.

Paper and Electronic Map Producers

Most traditional publishers of paper maps now also sell digital products and electronic atlases.

Collins Bartholomew
This old cartographic company now provides digital maps data for various publishers (Times Books, etc.).

Berndtson (formerly Berndtson & Berndtson)
German publisher of fold-up road and street maps, and road atlases.

Delorme Mapping
Now owned by Garmin. Their publications include popular paper atlases of US states.

Producers of the GIS software product ArcGIS and related software.

German publisher famous for its ingeniously folded city plans of German, Swiss, and Austrian cities.
U.S. patents issued to Albrecht and Gerhard Falk for map folding methods: 1949 | 1952 | 1964

Guia Roji
Mexican publisher of street and highway maps and atlases, paper and electronic.

Swiss map publisher that publishes many fold-up road maps and city street maps for all over the world.  Cartographic operations recently merged with those of Kümmerly-Frey, another Swiss map publisher.

Hema Maps
Australian map publisher specializing in maps of Australia and the Pacific region.

Historical Ink
Reproductions of maps and prints of towns in New England and several other U.S. states, marketed to genealogists.

ITMB (International Travel Maps and Books)
A leading producer of fold-up travel maps, also with a retail store in Vancouver, BC.

Kappa Map Group
Includes several formerly separate map publishers:

  • ADC (Alexandria Drafting Company): Makers of maps and atlases for cities along the U.S. east coast.
  • American Map: US street maps and atlases.
  • Hagstrom: New York and New Jersey focus
  • Mapsco: Street finder atlases of Texas cities.
  • Also absorbed Arrow, Creative Sales, Hammond, Maps Unlimited, Pierson Graphics, Trakker, Universal Map.

Swiss map publisher that publishes many fold-up road maps and city street maps for all over the world.  Cartographic operations recently merged with those of Hallwag, another Swiss map publisher.

Canadian publisher of road/street maps, road atlases, and travel guides for Canada. Also distribute other brands.

Producers of the desktop mapping software, MapInfo, now owned by PitneyBowes. Also has information about data products in MapInfo format.

Sells digitized topographic maps and navigational charts on CD-ROM.

French publisher of famous travel maps and travel guides, but website seems devoted to an online map interface.

National Geographic
The magazine famous for its map inserts sells these and other maps separately (also available from many dealers).

Now absorbed by Octopus Publishing Group, Philip's was a British atlas producer that has published titles under its own imprint as well as for other publishers (e.g., Oxford).

Rand McNally
This web site includes information on software, travel accessories, and a atlases, in addition to printed maps from them and other publishers.

Raven Maps & Images
Colored wall maps that emphasize physical features.

Thomas Bros. Maps
Publishes street finder atlases of western U.S. cities.  Now owned by Rand McNally and expanding scope to east coast cities.