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Gephi: Program Setup

This guide collects resources and tutorials for using Gephi, a network analysis and visualization program.


Tutorial Data

Tutorial Slides

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Program Setup

Data Formats

  • Confusing number of choices
  • GEXF supports many program features, but you shouldn’t try to write by hand
  • Spreadsheet is what your data probably is in anyway, and supports important features


Add Plugins

  • Tools --> Plugins
  • Select plugins from available plugins (e.g., "GeoLayout")
  • Install and restart Gephi

Data Management

  • Can save everything as a *.gephi file to preserve the analysis state
  • Can also export data tables from the Data Laboratory, if you do some processing or statistics in Gephi
  • Keep track of all of the actions you take to either the data or the visualization (even just in a Word doc, maybe with screenshots)