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Food History at the Rubenstein Library

The Cook's Oracle, 1823

In addition to practical recipes, this cookbook also contains a humorous and playful song about fried beef and cabbage, demonstrating that cookbooks were not only instructional, but also entertaining. Seeing cookbooks as objects that serve many purposes, both practical and recreational, opens up new modes of inquiry into the life of these dynamic objects.

Food and Environment

Memoirs of Soyer, 1859

Popular Medicine Guides

Popular medicine guides, largely intended for women, touch upon a wide range of topics related to health including home-remedies for the sick. These fascinating works also feature emerging research in dietetics, such as vegetable-based diets, in both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Although just a portion of of popular medicine guides, the list below serves to acquaint researchers with this fascinating genre.

Consumption, Utensils, and Poisoning