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Food History at the Rubenstein Library

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project Pamphlet

The Student Action with Farmworkers Records, 1940-2010 and undated bulk, 1992-2010 contain files about sponsoring agencies like the East Caost Migrant Head Start Project. These files include informational pamphlets and other promotional materials related to agencies' efforts to protect migrant farmworkers' interests.

Food and Activism

The Human Rights Archive holds a rich body of sources related to farmworker rights and the grassroots activism carried out by organizations such as Student Action with Farmworkers and individual activists like Joan Preiss. Collections cover both North Carolina and U.S. farmworker movements in the second half of the twentieth century through the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Youth Involvement in Migrant Worker Rights

The Student Action with Farmworkers Records, 1950-2010 and undated bulk, 1992-2010 contains a fascinating collection of student art projects that speak to broader themes related to migrant workers' rights. This collection was created as part of the Jóvenes Líderes En Acción program, organized by El Centro Hispano, a partner organization of Student Action with Farmworkers.

Food as Metaphor