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CHEM 295: Intro to Research Ind. Study

Search by Chemical Name

Searching by chemical name ties all the information, in the database, that is related to one compound together.  It links chemical names with trade names, generic names, common names, structures, and molecular formulas in one comprehensive search.

  1. Access SciFinder
  2. Click Accept
  3. Click Substance Identifier
  4. Enter the name in search box and click search
  5. Select your substance and click the Get References box above
  6. You can pre-limit your literature references or select all reference and then refine (narrow) your search

For example, searching the Substance Identifier option for ETHYL ACETATE, links references where the authors used the:

  • Alternative name: ethyl ethanoate
  • Molecular formula:  C4H8O2
  • Registry number: 141-78-6
  • Abbreviation: EtOAc

Search Tips

 For concepts:
  • AND = Broad concepts
  • OR = Synonyms & related concepts
  • NOT = Narrow concepts
 For Words:
  • Truncation - Smoke, Smoked, Smoker, Smokers, Smoking -> Smok*
  • Phrase Searching - “Sarah Park” = Sarah Park
 (“artificial intelligence” OR robot*) AND (behaviour or behaviror)

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