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International Fairy and Folk Tale Collections

Find more Anthologies at Duke Libraries

This guide provides starting points for finding international fairy and folk tales.The hyperlinks in the anthology titles  go to the Duke Catalog records, which provide the call number for print or the online access to ebooks. This is a selection of anthologies;click the Related Subject heading in the catalog record of the anthologies linked by region below to find additional titles of interest!

Example of hyperlinked Related Subjects that help discover additional items:

The American people : stories, legends, tales, traditions, and songs. B.A. Botkin

Related subjects


Consult an Area Studies Librarian

Duke University Libraries has an International and Area Studies Department; if you are interested in working in a particular geography, or in the original language of the tales as well as the English translation, make an appointment with a librarian, see the list:

International and Area Studies Librarians