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Ancient Art and Architecture - Etruscan Emphasis: e-Catalogs

WELCOME ARH 560 Etruscan Cities (Forte)

Duke catalog

1. "Catalog" tab to the Duke Libraries catalog

  • Use your natural language to find ONE book that's relevant.
  • Click the title of that book
  • Scroll down to the "subjects" and look for the library term/subject it groups under your topic
  • Click the hyperlink of that topic and get ALL the works we have on your topic!


Here are some subject examples of what you can find:

  • Mythology, Etruscan  put "Etruscan" after the topic, not before.  NOT  Etruscan Mythology
  • Art, Etruscan - Catalogs   permanent holdings catalogs from museums
  • Italy Civilization To 476    broad topic
  • Excavations (Archaeology) - Italy   sites and excavation reports


2.  Kubikat (again!) Book & article catalog of four German art-history libraries, covering all languages and with an English interface) Kunsthistorisches Institut (Florence) Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte (Munich). Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte (Paris) and the Bibliotheca Hertziana (Rome). 


3. Google Books & Google Scholar

Google Books allows you to search books by key-word.  It does not display the whole book.  Use LIBX.

Google Scholar is the same but for articles.


Worldcat - combined catalog of all libraries

Use Worldcat to locate exhibition catalogs and books for interlibrary loan and archives of collections.  There's a "libraries with this item" link that shows NC libraries first.

Subject Guide

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