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History 122: History of Latinx in US

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Idea Generator (Old Dominion University Libraries)
Click on a category to browse it and explore some ideas- then devise a more specific topic that can be turned into a research question.

CQ Researcher
Covers the most the most current and controversial issues of the day with complete summaries, insight into all sides of the issues, and bibliographies on the topic.  Excellent place to begin research on a topical issue.

Annual Reviews
Provides full-text review articles that summarize the current state of research on a subject by organizing, synthesizing, and critically-evaluating the relevant literature.  Most review articles provide a lengthy bibliography.

Issues & controversies
Explores more than 900 hot topics in business, politics, government, education, and popular culture. Includes research topic suggestions, timelines, primary source documents, statistical tables, interviews with experts, and links to news and background information.