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Writing 101: Latinx Literature and Culture

Basic Starting Points

Research in an Academic Library

Duke University Libraries have a lot to offer (7,478,410 books, 1,083 databases, and much more). In light of this richness and complexity, it is worthwhile to get to know the library homepage as search portal We have created some videos that cover the basics of working in a research library. We want you to feel at home!

All the videos are at the Library 101 guide

Diversify Your Internet Search

Compare search results from different search engines:

Note that the Duke University Libraries ALL search works like a search engine for materials we have bought for Duke faculty, students, staff, and guests. You may find reference to these materials on the Internet; make it a habit to come to the library website when you find materials (books, articles, films, etc.) that cost money: if we do not yet own this material, we may be able to buy it, or we will advise you to use Interlibrary Loan to request the material from another library at no cost to you.